On Being a TV Star/Personality and Your Right for Personal Space

by - 10 November

NO. Don't suddenly put your arm around me.KTHNXBYE

When someone you don't know substantially well suddenly put their arm around you, a certainly acceptable response would be to move away, flinch, put (or swat) their arm away or a combination of any of aforementioned responses.

Being a TV personality though, you're expected to accept these advances and do away with your right as a human being mainly, having the right to refuse an unwelcome advance, or in this case, an arm around your shoulder.

A video came to my attention regarding Volleyball star Deden Lazaro, as a (male) fan suddenly *tries* to put an arm around her for a photo op, without asking first. Now it might be entirely possible that had he asked, she would've permitted it. HAD HE ASKED. Now there's the clincher.

He did not ask.

He decided to put an arm around her, as if she owed him something.

As if it was his right because she was famous.

He thought it would fly with her.

Obviously he thought wrong.

What miffs me though are the comments. Some people are saying she shouldn't have been like that. That she's a snob. Maarte. Etc etc etc. I could wax poetic about how they're judging her.

But there are still people applauding her for being real and about being uncomfortable with what was to transpire.

"There are certain situations that make a person feel uncomfortable like when random people invade someone's private space," - @denniselazaro (twitter)

Bottomline. I like her already.

What're your thoughts about the incident? Let me know below!


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