Colourpop Satin Lips : Non-Drying Liquid Lipstick

by - 29 October


It's no secret that LA brand ColourPop took the beauty world by storm through their high-performing and cheap-as-fvck makeup. Most noted for their lippies, they have become a standard as to what good makeup is for the price. Fast forward to today their makeup line is continuously growing and improving taking cues from trends and best-sellers and what beauty-lovers really want.
I have some colours from their Satin Lips line because my lips are tooooo dry for their Ultra-Mattes. Plus touching-up isn't that big of a deal for me. Of course I'm going to get it in nude-ish mauve-y colours (how predictable but I like what I like *shrugs*)

Read through for some arm, lip swatches and my thoughts.

Most of the [pretty holographic] label have rubbed off from use. I wish they'd stayed on longer. I haven't had these for that long. The tube itself is pretty standard but I do like the silver cap. As for the applicator it's the typical doe-foot type that you find in most liquid lipsticks as well as lip glosses.




Mess Around is a cool toned grayish-brown.

This isn't something that you'd wear if you want a 'natural' look. It's more of a statement lip.


Tansy is more of a rusty brown. They're all very pigmented. One swipe is all it takes (but I do more than one because I'm extra.)


Frick 'N Frack is a Deep Mauve-y colour on me. As you can see there's a slight sheen to them but not veering on glossy. For the most part it looks a little matte on me. But that might just be because I have dry lips :)


Echo Park is a pretty everyday 'nude' colour on my skin tone.


Toolips is definitely more of a vampy cool-toned purple mauve. This one is a little more mousse-y in texture compared to the other ones which are more watery. I don't know if I got a dud or it's really this particular colour that's different.


Consistency and Performance

These liquid lipsticks are definitely liquidy in form almost like water unlike the other ones I've tried which are more 'mousse-y' in texture.

Everything's very opaque in one swipe. It glides on and 'hugs' the lips since the formula is very lightweight. Application though can be a little tricky [at least it was for me] because my lipline at my bottom lip is uneven. I wish the doe-foot was a little smaller and a little more flat like the Essence Lipgloss wands here.

If you're asking if these transfer —Yes. Yes they do. They don't promise to be transfer-proof and smudge-proof but they do promise to be more comfortable than most liquid lipsticks in the market and they did deliver on that account.

True to its name it has a satin finish and creamy texture. Definitely not drying at all. While these do transfer the colour lasts pretty long even after eating albeit with some significant wear of course.

If you're the same as me with SUPER dry lips and you don't mind touching up try these instead of its predecessor the Ultra-Mattes.


PS. If you're interested in getting ColourPop and other hard-to-find brands *cough* Kylie Cosmetics *cough* check out @thevanitybelle on Instagram! Some were sent to me by the store (thanks again!), a friend gave another one :)

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