Waxing with Sugar at Whipped BGC | First time Waxing Experience

by - 31 May

If this adorable salon's name and motif isn't enough to remind you of cotton candy, lollipops and rainbows you will when I tell you they use sugar for all of their services. Melted (pulled? taffy-like?) sugar for waxing and scrubbing. Yes like the sugar you eat. Interested? Read on.

A little disclaimer, I don't pluck my underarms. I've been using razors or removal creams but it's been a years since I've plucked them. So my tolerance for pain in this regard is pretty damn low. What more waxing.

Guuurl there was blood and pain, not going to lie. But the my attendant or sugar technician was very kind and accommodating. She decided to switch to plucking when the bleeding wasn't stopping. I was glad to switch to tweezers let me tell you, I barely felt it #numb.

One thing to note though, you're supposed to have your underarms waxed when there's about an inch of hair not less, to make it easier to pull out and to make it more comfortable for you. Blame me for going there with a 5 day overgrowth, my sugar attendant did mention it was harder to pull out because of the short hair.

For those who haven't tried underarm waxing at Whipped, it goes like this:

  • Polite sugar techs asking for your reservation.
  • They'll show you to an enclosed room and ask you to lie down.
  • Maybe ask a few questions here or there about your hair removal.
  • A wipe-down to clean and to remove deodorant residue.
  • The waxing itself using the soft pliable cold sugar wax.
  • Plucking smaller and/or thinner hair that didn't get caught by the wax.
  • Then another wipe-down.
  • Smooth armpits :)

They didn't get ALL my underarm hair, but seeing as the ones left were very thin and small like peach-fuzz—too thin to be plucked, I guess it's understandable.

As for the eyebrow waxing that was leagues more tolerable, very similar to my experience with brow threading here.

Quiet atmosphere (I believe I was the only client at the time), comfortable and charming decor. If you're thinking of where to get waxing done maybe you should check them out. They're popular with guys as well (which I like) so guys please don't let the decor deter you! (they're just colours, c'mon)


3rd Floor, Ayala Fairview Terraces
2nd Floor, Commerce Avenue Wing, Alabang Town Center
2nd Floor, Eight Forbes Town Center


PS. After a week (around 6 days) I noticed the hairs growing back are thinner than what they used to be. Usually the strands are thicker. Heeeey. :)


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