WINGS - A Business Support Group in the Philippines By Women for Women (and men too!)

by - 02 February

There's not a lot of women's support groups regarding business and entrepreneurship. Or at least they're not as visible. Yes there are ones that are modeled for the general public but they don't "get" the nuances of being a woman and subsequently a woman entrepreneur and may lack the appropriate mentorship, nudge and training some women need.

That's the number one goal of WINGS — to meet like-minded women entrepreneurs and create a positive dynamic team within a nurturing group of professionals for personal growth, business benefits ...and more.

Ava De Guzman - Founder and Director of Bridge of Hope and Wings. Based in California.

WINGS (Women's International Network Giving Support) is an organization of empowered women entrepreneurs and professionals locally and abroad that understand the values of collaboration for enhancing business acumen for financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.

WINGS organization as a whole aims to provide foundational and authentic support to all members including five important resources: Community, Recommendations, Mentorship, Team Support, and Power Partners. As a program of Bridge of Hope - World, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization helping single mothers, abused women, and orphans in the poorest communities worldwide, WINGS will impart and teach the values of philanthropy or charitable giving for common good-will as well as the business credibility edge it brings.

The lovely Ella (who painstakingly made the event run smoothly) kindly invited me to their official launch in the Philippines at Chardonnay by Astoria.

Raw and organic food. Organic body care and handcrafted accessories were available for the attendees.

Everyone was treated to great awe-inducing, heroic, touching and very personal stories of how the speakers' do what they do and what they went through to get where they are now. Believe me their stories were staggeringly incredible to say the least especially Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius's (went to the US from Japan by herself at 20 with a few dollars in her pocket and not a lick of English) and Janet Belarmino's (went through very rigorous training to climb Mount Everest 3 MONTHS after giving birth).
 Dr. Michiyo Ambrosius renowned and seasoned Psychologist, Author and Personal Coach based in California.
From left : Janet Belarmino (Most sought after inspirational speaker in Asia and one of the first women in the world to reach the top of Mt. Everest. Based in the Philippines.) and Elaine Leung (Served as the VP of Marketing and Business Development of a successful global IT Consulting firm where she increased revenue from $12 million to $25 million in one year in key growth markets such as healthcare and biotech. Based in California)

Here are some helpful links :
  • To see if you have a Wings Chapter in your area or if you yourself want to apply as an ambassador click (here) and to become a member click (here).
  • If you just want to observe first there's an upcoming event in Quezon City via this Facebook group (here) Psst...Mention this blog so they know where you got the info ;)

"Commemorative Photo!"


PS. She climbed a snowy mountain complete with snow storms 3 MONTHS after giving birth. MIC DROP. And Dr. Michiyo got on a boat (from Japan) with change as travel money and whatever she could carry on her back to make a life in the US while barely speaking English. Did I tell you she studied by translating every single English word in her books and classmate's notes to Japanese using a dictionary just so she could understand the day's lesson? MIC STAND DROP.

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