Cathy Valencia Facial + First Time Body Scrub Experience

by - 29 January

Have you ever tried a body scrub at a spa or skin clinic? It was my first time to get a body scrub without me doing the actual scrubbing. So let me just ask. Is it always so, ahem, intimate? I'm no prude but it did throw me off a bit at first. It wasn't like a full-body massage, where you sometimes also have to get fully-naked. I did become  more comfortable as it went on (and after the assurance of my specialist to not be embarrassed about something completely normal).

As I've mentioned in my post here, Cathy Valencia is a skin clinic specializing in cutting-edge treatments, technology and products for the skin and body (Cedrix Clinic). With branches here and in Japan you can safely assume the technology is one of the best in terms of skincare.

They gave me gift certificates so I could experience their services so I got their Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (Php 2,500) and Body Scrub (Php 3,920)  a month ago at their Eastwood branch along with my mom, who had a Diamond Peel (Php 3,140).

I was expecting to be put in a room similar to the ones I previously posted, so it was a tiny tiny bit of a let-down when they showed me the room. Not that it was dank or dirty, everything there was immaculate, smelled clean and looked pristine and elegant. I wanted my room to be a little more pretty I guess.

I started off with the full-body scrub. If you're not familiar it's where you strip down to nothing and wear disposable panties. The very nice lady who attended to me made me feel at ease. Except for the scrubbing parts, I didn't exactly feel at ease there. The scrub used was a little rough than what I was used to or maybe it was because of the air conditioning plus the fact that I was only in a silk robe while waiting a good few minutes before the scrub actually started.

"Feel free to fall asleep."

Not me. The scrub mixture was left to "sit" for the whitening properties to work and I was told that some clients tended to fall asleep. Damp me couldn't believe it. But to each their own.

Extreme close-up.

My last itinerary for the day was a facial with mask. I like this the best. After washing off the body scrub and an application of lotion (which left my body feeling smooth and silky.) I was treated to a complete facial. The pricking was minimal (yay skin!) and my attendant in particular was very light-handed. No major stark difference with my face after but I did feel better knowing it got special treatment for the day.

All-in-all. Good service, very nice and accommodating people and elegant furnishings. For celebrities to frequent CV and the numerous positive feedback (with image testimonials) regarding their non-invasive face and body treatments, you can tell CV isn't all marketing spiel. One thing to note is that they're really pricey with Php 2,500 a pop for a facial. So expect to dole out a few thousands in one visit.

You can set an appointment at their branches: Eastwood, Makati, White Plains, BGC Fort, Greenhills, Timog, Alabang and Tokyo. Check here for exact address.

Have you tried Cathy Valencia Clinic or any Beauty Clinics? How about body scrubs?


PS. I think I'd have liked the body scrub better if the place had been less cold. Maybe in an open-air area?
PPS. I believe a lot of their whitening packages have vitamin C in them.

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