Valentine's Outfit # 2 : A Rose Quartz Dress

by - 09 February

If you're interested in beauty, fashion and art, you'll know that this year's Pantone colour(s) are Serenity (A light periwinkle blue) and Rose Quartz (A muted carnation).

Following my first dress pick (here) for Valentines' in collaboration with I chose the most sought after dress colour of the year. Surprisingly the fashion world (as far as retail) hasn't churned out a tonne of Rose Quartz inspired garbs. Which is a shame since quite a few people are actually looking for it, even going to the tailor to have one custom made for that specific colour.

I admit it's really pretty. The two colours are very spring-summer appropriate, especially this one.

This particular dress is (in my opinion) sexy. In contrast to the "sweet" and "calm" pink hue, the cut, style and embellishment with the zipper takes off some of the saccharine appeal that the shade naturally emulates.

Cocktails and (dinner) date appropriate this can also be transformed for more meeting-appropriate scenarios by using maybe a white fitted turtleneck, black tights and black mary-janes. Not everyone's cup of tea but I know some can pull it off.

The price is the most surprising because it's PHP 5867 but currently on sale for PHP 628. That's a pretty big discount don't' you think? Comes in S M and L. Another good news, payment is secured by Paypal and everything on the site is returnable within 30 days.

What do you think of the dress? Definitely for a fancier date but even if you're going to the movies or whatever it's okay if you dress up! It's your body. It's your date. As long as you have fun and you feel good :)


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