Tulip Sponge Review : If A Foundation Brush And Beauty Blender Had A Baby

by - 07 February


The tulip brush or tulip sponge is not the newest thing in Korea but as you know the rest of the world is having a cosmetic crush on them at the moment so everything they've loved for eons ago we're only just getting a taste of recently.

To be honest this product was introduced around 2011 so not necessarily new but not as old as the snake and snail/venom-infused skincare they've been slathering on for years.

Like I've mentioned in the title, it's like a paddle (traditional foundation brush) + makeup sponge hybrid. And yes, it does look weird (-cute). I mean look at it.


The sponge itself is the typical latex sponge so if you're wondering about the texture it's nothing like the beauty blender but it's smooth and soft so you can rest easy. You can wet it or not it doesn't matter because it doesn't expand. It's used like any other latex sponge, so you smooth/spread it onto skin then afterwards you can bounce it to push the product more onto the skin and/or get rid of streak marks.

I didn't know I could pull out the sponge for cleaning so I kind of manhandled the first time I washed it - which explains the tear at the base :(. Cleaning is also easy. You just pop out the sponge from the plastic base handle and wash it just like any other sponge.


Because of the shape and the "petals" it's easier to reach the sides of the nose, under the eyes and around the mouth. 

The plastic handle at the base also makes it very sanitary for people who don't like the regular sponges that you need to hold with your bare hands —this is a nice alternative.


It's a little odd at first but I get the idea behind it but I like my "beauty blenders" more. I do enjoy the petals, it does a great job of reaching the crevices of my face.

It's not bad at all, I'm just more used to the regular sponge blenders. I think makeup artists would find this particular sponge extremely useful though for their gigs because of the handle.

You can get this at AboutFacePh for Php 449 and Zalora.ph for Php 359 (ON SALE!).

What do you think of this sponge? Would you try it? I think it's better than the lollipop looking ones, you know with the long brush handles and sponge on top. With those you can't take out the sponge and I heard they don't last long.


PS. This came with the chok-chok lip tint glosses that I also received from Purpletags.ph. Thanks Trixie!


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