Mani Pedi at secret BGC nail spot - C&C Salon!

by - 20 October

Most people probably don't know about C&C Salon. This secluded and somewhat hush-hush nail haven might be a challenge to some who don't have a keen eye and/or are not familiar with the BGC area.

Don't fret because I was invited by Cookie last October 7th to experience C&C Salon first hand, to give you guys the low-down.

I came in about an hour after the supposed meeting time [got lost] and chanced upon one of the managers — Cookie while I was taking pictures of the entrance.

We proceeded inside after a little chat with this timid cutie where I learned that not only were the managers young, they were still in school. High school and College to be more specific.

The salon was put up by their mother and she manages it along with her two daughters — Cheenee and Cookie [C&C]. Situated in BGC and in a fairly nondescript hotel I asked, why here?

"It's near our home and the rent is reasonable." Cookie stated.

Apart from that, being dab smack in the heart of the business district I could agree it was a smart choice. Their guests are mainly working people taking some me-time after a hard day at work as well as locals in the area.

Going in I was greeted with pale gray, white and purple shades and contemporary interiors with a comfortable and relaxing "homey" vibe. Kind of like your Aunt's shabby-chic-rustic-modern-contemporary home that you can relax in but you better not get dirt on her white suede armchair.

The concept I gathered, was to not be ostentatiously royal and not be ostentatiously glittery so the men won't be scared and actually encourage them to get something done themselves.

The space was tiny but cozy and fully air-conditioned [a must in this part of the world]. There were four chairs on the lower ground and upstairs were a sofa, a love seat and a massage bed. Perfect for spa dates with the beau or the squad.

I got the Classic Curtsy which includes this amazing foot reflex massage. I don't know if my feet were just especially tired but that massage was everything. The whole treatment was fairly standard for a nail salon I would say. The prices are appropriate especially for the ambiance and the great service I got from Cookie.

What was made evident to me though was that the tools to be used on every person was sanitized, sterilized and individually wrapped to ensure the guest's safety. That gets a two thumbs up for me because people don't know how easy it is to get infections from communal nail clippers and files. *cringe*

If you're wondering about the polish selection, they don't have a massive array of colors but the basics are there. The brands they carry are Orly, Morgan Taylor [vegan], Sally Hansen, Revlon, Cutex and Maybelline. They also offer gels — Gellish [vegan] and True Gel.

All-in-all a quaint little secret spot to treat your self. As C&C puts it, if you don't treat yourself, you cheat yourself!

Thanks for inviting me Cookie!


PS. Have you tried this place before? Or any place you'd like to recommend for nails?
PPS. They're working on the wi-fi for people eager to update their social media to instagram their new nail colour or catch up on some work. :)
PPPS. Say hi to the managers for me if you do drop by!

C & C Salon
Address : UGF, F1 Hotel Manila, 32nd St. Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone : (02) 257-4280 (0927) 972-6143
Facebook :

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