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by - 16 October

Bobbie Cosmetics Lash Liner Review 1
I used to line my waterline with an off-white shadow (yes it hurt) or a white eyeliner. Both of which were worn alone - sans a liner on top - making my small eyes look like two dots on my face. (Think a plate with two raisins on it.)

So when I [first] discovered that using a beige-toned pencil was less stark looking years ago, I scoured the beauty sections to test it for myself. Alas they didn't fare well (Nichido etc.). They were too hard, too soft or they disappeared within two hours. Early this year though I decided to get this Bobbie brightening liner because...

  1. It was beige.
  2. I saw a picture of it on instagram I think.
  3. It was cheap as heck. Php 80 at the time of purchase
  4. It was a new brand.
Bobbie Cosmetics Lash Liner Review 2

It's creamy, pigmented and a little soft but not so much that it breaks whenever I sharpen it. The color — a sort of yellow-beige was perfect for brightening the eyes.

One problem though... I don't know what happened but my eyes became more sensitive and I cannot stand putting any eyeliner on my upper or lower waterline. It was a little ticklish, uncomfortable and weird. This particular brand though made my eyes HURT. The product itself, as creamy as it is hurt my waterline as I was putting it on. (◉︵◉)

Another con is that it doesn't last throughout the day. After about 2 - 3 hours there would be the faintest pigment left. Now keep in mind my eyes were watering a little more than usual (yes I still continued to test it out) so that might've been a great influence on the staying power.

I was about to chuck it when...

Bobbie Cosmetics Lash Liner Review 3

Eyebrow "Cleaner"

I thought of using this as an eyebrow "shaper" or "cleaner" to make the edges of my brows a little more sharp and defined; I found that it works well for that. It blends nicely on the skin and as I said it's pretty pigmented. It lasts a lot longer on my skin than the waterline especially if I set it with powder. So all-in-all I didn't just throw money down the drain.

I recommend for you guys try it for yourselves! Available at Watsons' and Mini Stop (Yes that conbini was where I first saw the brand).


PS. Conbini is slang for convenience store in Japan. Like 7/11 or Lawson's.
PPS. Have you tried the brand before or this pencil? I noticed that they have a LOT of new products. :)

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