Of cream blushes and light pastel pinks - Fashion 21 Blush Stick Review

by - 06 August

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Fashion21 blush stick cream blush review

I've tried one to two creme blushes a long ass time ago and couldn't quite remember how I felt about them. I currently have two in my collection a Korean one that feels like Maybelline's bouncy blush and this one.

Fashion21 blush stick cream blush review

Fashion21 blush stick cream blush review

Fashion21 blush stick cream blush review


I quite like this brand's matte lipsticks and a lot of people in general like their lipsticks as well. This one though doesn't get the same enthusiasm as the former.

It's pigmented and you really only need a little so it won't end up looking cakey on the skin. Blending it out is easy as well if using a brush or your fingers. The finish is natural, isn't glowy and sits well on my skin. It also lasts quite well I find. A little over four hours would be a fair estimate then it starts to significantly fade. Maybe because it was such a light color to begin with and I only put a very small amount.

Fashion21 blush stick cream blush review

That being said, it doesn't feel nice on the skin or to rephrase it's not comfortable to wear. I also think the color doesn't suit me all that well. It's a blue-based light pastel pink which I thought would be a nice break from all the corals and peaches I tended to wear.

In the spectrum of light and dark I'm in the middle. I find this will work well for people with light skin and dark skin but not medium (with warm/olive undertone). If your undertone leans a little more pink or you're neutral I think you can try it out but for the most part the two extremes of skin tone range will pull this one off better than I.

And the scent! Sometimes I like the nostalgia of "old-school" smelling makeup on certain products but I can't stand this one. It does linger on the face for a while and you can smell it on you (until such time that your nose gets used to it).

It's not bad per se. I wouldn't say it's a must-have though. It's cheap so if you want to explore some cream blush options try to swatch this at one of their kiosks as they also have four or five more colours to choose from.


PS. Will give this one to a friend.
PPS. I paid no more than Php 200 for this. Don't remember the exact price. I also don't remember the exact shade name or number. Hehe.

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