July BDJ box - Getting Prepped and Polished

by - 01 August

"Ugh it's morning". When that's your typical reaction to a work day apart from the fact that you don't look forward to work/school it might be also because you don't want to get READY for that day.

Lord knows how long I get ready in the morning. Or get ready period.

This month's BDJ box is aimed for breezing through getting ready when all you want to do is laze around all day on your bed wearing pajamas (or nothing at all!).

I'll list these products in order of excited-ness on my part and tell you about my thoughts about it at the very end.

  • Benefit They're Real Mascara 8.5g / 0.3 oz - Php 1300 (30g sample size) 
  • Carmex Tube (10g) & Carmex Click Stick Lip Balms (4.25g) - Php 110/ea 

Carmex has never dropped from people's lists in terms of effective lip care and after always hearing about it on YouTube I finally have the chance to try it out. (Gave the click stick to my sister.)

Ah the ever coveted They're Real mascara. I think 30g of this deluxe sample isn't bad at all. I excitedly tried this out the day after I got my box and it gave me a false lash effect. A bit spidery (not that I mind) but I think that was just because I was in front of my fan when I was applying this. I didn't like that it stayed tacky throughout the day though. Will continue my investigation...

Oh yeah. I'm currently growing out my brows just so I can try out Benefit's brow shaping game. I mean, that's what brow consultation means here right? A brow shaping session and not just actual talk-y talk-y consultation? :\

  • Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Cleansing Oil 50ml - Php 199
  • V10 Plus Serum 30ml - Php 4750 (Sample size)

Cleansing oils has always had a special place in my cleansing routine ever since I first tried one. I recently tried this Celeteque one night and while I do think it's does the job okay, 50 ml isn't enough for a month especially if you're like me who needs around 5 ml every time. It also doesn't completely remove semi-waterproof mascaras well. Which I find odd seeing that it is oil.

Wow this serum's pricey as f. I'm not one to scrimp on skincare but dang. V10 Plus is an award-winning serum in Japan. It comes in 10 variants to suit your skin needs from oily, acne-prone to dry and mature skin. Ok. Fine. The fact that it's coming from Japan and has won awards IN Japan lessens the blow a bit.

  • Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner 180ml - Php 115
Has Oxyfusion Technology that gives soft, nourished hair with 95% more volume. Note: Shampoo is super runny so be careful when dispensing. Accidentally squeezed out a ton and my hair has never been shampoo-ed this long except in a salon.

  • Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar 127g - Php 441 (Sample 28g)
  • Canmake Nail Polish 3.8g - Php 330

Cetaphil has been my go-to for un-harsh cleansing.

Canmake polishes are said to dry fast and go on evenly with its formula and fine brush. A little tempting but I'm gonna give this away. I'm not pretty keen on the color plus I'm not that into polishes anyway.

NOT PHOTOGRAPHED : FS Luscious Lipstick in Primrose 4g - Php 299

Oh my god. I have no idea where my picture went or if I even took a picture of it. I'm sorry!!! I'll probably end up giving this away since I don't need it.


In my opinion this box is a little more thoughtful as it featured what products a person (who wears makeup) needs when they need to bolt out the door especially since they featured multi-tasking products (soap bars, lipstick).

From cleansing products to makeup and nail polish to makeup removal. This box certainly fits that bill. It certainly is a giant step up from last month's box and obviously a lot more varied in terms of content.

In terms of actual utility, I'm definitely enjoying the cleansing oil so far and the hair stuff so I'd say it's a good box. Not bad. But not great. What do you think?

Subscription : Php 580
Value of box : Php 1278 (samples excluded)

Website : http://bjdbox.com
Instagram : @bdjbox

Disclaimer : BDJ kindly sent this box to me as a gift. I was not asked nor compensated (monetary or otherwise) to post this in any of my social media or to make a blog post about it. All my opinions about the box - its contents and companies mentioned are my own unless someone steals my account, pretends to be me and continues the blog in my stead. Or someone pays me a lot of money. #shade #jk #orAmI?

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