Personal : What's been eating me lately Vol. 2

by - 23 June

Rosie paints exactly what I feel like

I've been feeling a little dismayed peppered with a pinch of annoyance because I have to go through interviews again. If you've been in employment for the past few years you've gone through at least a handful of interviews some of which were absolutely dreadful.

Aside from the fact that you need to answer the most stereotypical, trite and flaccid interview questions 100 times, you get sized up by receptionists and/or other interviewers who look totally uninterested and act vapid. You know the types right?

I've been lucky to come across good-natured fellows who are up to snuff about the recruitment process, but man you really get to know the term "backwards" when you've been interviewed in the Philippines, by a Philippine company.

It's come to my attention that what the hell, am I really attracting these types of jobs or am I not looking hard I even good enough? I've literally went for careers I wanted and made sure I was the perfect candidate. Still...ughhh.


Prelude to Foundation by Isaac Asimov. Science Fiction is definitely one of my go-to genres. I'm into Adventure and Fantasy and Thriller but Science Fiction definitely has my heart.

This (slightly depressing) freaking blog post.


I love the very very 80's - Early 90's vibe this has.

Watched Jurassic park 1 & 2. Looking forward to watching Jurassic World after I'm done with the 3rd installment.

My flowy bohemian top with Spiderman pajamas. Don't worry, it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

About repercussions of actually going to one of my interviews.

The opposite of elated.

Being in bed. All. The. Time.

A place of my own.

A place of my own.

For my own island. You know what I mean?

Someone needs to tell me "You go Glenn Coco". I need a pick-me-up.


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  1. For all our pride at being warm and friendly, Filipinos sure can get mighty hostile over no valid reason. Backwards = truth.

  2. Oh... I don't miss those interviews... AT ALL. I do hope you find the perfect place to work so you don't have to stress with the people who are judgemental or uninterested. And agree with Tellie's comment.

    P.S. I want my old island too. :)


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