Always the bride's maid. Never the bride

by - 17 June

I haven't had a lot of friends married off and haven't really had a chance to become a "bridesmaid" but I feel like I'm steadily going there (ala 27 Dresses). Contrary to the popular saying (this posts' title) I don't feel one ounce of bitterness when I say that. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid actually.

Weddings and/or marriages is a big step. And a huge turning point in a person's life. People put a lot of thought into it and one shouldn't marry for the sake of being married or not wanting to be alone. It's a huge commitment....

Unlike dress shopping. :) 

So when Formal Dress Australia contacted me for a collaboration, I thought I'd do some window shopping for possible formal/wedding dresses.


For people who want something a little breezier, a tiny bit more casual but by no means less gorgeous, short dresses are a nice option and these dresses are my top picks.

Dress 1 | Dress 2

In my opinion these dresses can easily be used for anything other than weddings. Adding to the fact that you can dress these up and down effortlessly the length and a-line adds a little youthful and sweetness vibe to it.

I really want the (1st pic) left dress and (2nd pic) left dress with the "petal" details. They can be used for any special function or for the office. Petal dress + Moto jacket/Structured blazer + Black closed pumps + Black leggings = WIN.

It might still be a little "dressy" or "formal" for work but what can I say. I like dressing up for work.

Dress 1 | Dress 2


As with the short dresses, these long dress options are also flowy, a-line and look ethereal.

I'm thinking a late afternoon garden wedding or beach wedding. Wait. Why am I thinking location?

Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Dress 3


These aren't really something I'd personally wear for my or anybody else's wedding but I think they're fun options for really fun snazzy events where cocktail dresses are appropriate.

I mean look at the middle-eastern-esque bead work? I'd personally go for the silver one but the light pastel pink's beading is no joke too. The shoulder caps are really pretty.

Dress 1 | Dress 2

The site has a huge selection and I looked over 407 + dresses to really find ones that I like. They even have plus sizes.

What do you think of these dresses? How therapeutic is window shopping? I mean really. I feel a little better looking at pretty clothes.


Formal Dresses -

Disclaimer : Oh my gosh! It's a sponsored post! Aghh! Eegad. What has the world come to?!? Everything here are lies!!! Are what some people might think but if you've read my posts or other posts for that matter, you'd know that these are the truest of my true opinions as always.

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  1. I would most likely pick the first short dress. It's simple but beautiful and practical / can be styled for occasions other than weddings. :)

    And you're not alone - I like dressing up for work too! My mom's always like, "Sa office ba talaga punta mo o may date ka? Para kang rarampa eh." Hahahaha :)))

  2. i like the petaled dress too! on you lang tho, not for me, i usually go for V neck cuts :) ako naman i get a little stressed when im asked to be a brides maid kasi daming responsibilitiez to the bride. i once helped organized a wedding and its so hectic

  3. Yesss lagi ichura rumarampa hahahha. Mej nakakaasar nga e, hindi ba pwede gusto ko lang maganda damit ko, kelengan may date>? :)))

  4. I agree, v-necks are super flattering :) Haha well that's one part that I'm not looking forward to actually hahahah

  5. Oh? Hahhaha. Well I guess that depends on what you're window shopping for. Pag ako makeup may regret and bitterness talaga if I can't buy it. :/ Hahah

  6. Agree! We doll up for ourselves. Wala nang paki ibang tao jan. Hahahaha :)))


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