Cheap Finds : Landmark Brushes

by - 03 February

Cheap finds : Landmark Brushes

Well just one brush not brushes. Hmm yeah...ok. 

Cheap finds : Landmark Brushes 1
This purchase came about when I was randomly but very strategically, browsing the beauty section of The Landmark. The Landmark is pretty well known to stock some cheap random brand tools, more specifically brushes. And I always love going through the aisles to look at random beauty items.

Landmark brushes. Affordable, doesn't bleed, doesn't shed, dense, sturdy
So when I chanced upon this brush, I had to get it because.

  1. My ELF flat top brush has been monstrously resurrected after I attempted to prolong its life using pliers on the ferrule.
  2. It's synthetic hence perfect for creams and liquids.
  3. The hairs are red.
  4. It's cheap at around 130-180 Philippine Pesos/PHP

Landmark Brushes 2
Truth be told, I wasn't sold on the color initially. I mean, metallic red? Welcome to tacky-ville. But as I held it firm upon my mortal hands it seemed more eye catching than black or white (my usual brush color preference).

Landmark brushes : Rubber bottom picks up dust. Ferrule handle color seems tacky, synthetic
I've had it for close to a year now I believe, and it hasn't shed or bled (contrary to the striking red brush hair) at all. There were admittedly 1 or 2 instances I had to pluck a stray out of place but that was it.

I also put the synthetic aspect of the brush under neutral as some people like natural hair. I think the same too when it comes to picking up powder - natural is the best BUT taking care of them is a hassle compared to synthetic ones - whose hairs keep their shape longer even with just minimal care. 

Another sexy shot
Bottomline, I recommend this brush or any brush for that matter you can find at The Landmark. I haven't tried all of them, but I'm sure they're ok for the price. I've tried some testers of the kabuki brushes there and they're SUPER soft, as soft as the ELF kabuki brush (for reference).

Have you tried some brushes there?


PS. Hooray for awkward intros. NOT. Seriously sometimes I just don't know how to open my posts, doyafeelme? 
PPS. So I've heard The Landmark tried to sell some replica Real Technique brushes. I read somewhere that someone liked it and it wasn't bad. For the price, I bet it wasn't. :) I wouldn't mind buying those too! Haha #realTalk Seriously though, even if it said dingdong brushes, I'd still get them.

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  1. I really love these brushes from Landmark and I recommend them whenever people ask me where they can buy brushes, especially when they're just starting out in makeup application. :D

  2. too bad I didn't have the chance so snatch those fake real techniques ahahaha. just going to throw the packaging anyway and will probably erase the labels on the brushes so they will look generic. I have a kabuki brush from landmark and it's really soft plus it's still not shedding after, i think almost or more than a year of usage

  3. Have had my fair share of buying Landmark brushes. It's a hit or miss, really. Most of it are misses :( But for only 100+, you can't really complain. I'm glad you got a good brush! Will take note of this tacky-looking-brush-handle when I chance upon Landmark, hahaha!

  4. Hhahahha! It is slightly tacky! Fire-engine metallic red? Right??? But I've learned to love it, even if it's just the hairs mostly. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Haha exactly. I've been really really really coveting those kabuki brushes but I've quite a few brushes already and I don't know how to store them anyway :/

  6. nice post, makeup brushes from landmark are really affordable but has a great quality!

  7. Indeed they do :) At least most of them are.

  8. helloooooo :)
    You have a beautiful blog!

  9. Hiii!!! Thank you very much :>

  10. These look quite nice! The red color looks really fun too!

  11. This is a pretty red brush! I hope it comes in gold or pink!

  12. I believe they do! Thanks for visiting :)

  13. This is the only reason why I drop by at LandMark, every time I get a chance to fly to Manila. LOL... I just adore their makeup brushes!

    Random Beauty by Hollie

  14. Do they offer other colors too? :)

  15. Hi Glenda! Yes I believe they do. Thanks for dropping by

  16. i miss landmark :( havent been there in ages, layo kasi. i heard they have these in rosegold color :3

  17. I think nakita ko yun once sa instagram. Mas maganda :/ :))


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