Freshel Moisture Eye Essence by Kanebo

by - 27 January

I'm back with a proper review for you (been a while, I know). You might think me too young to use eye creams, but prevention is better than the cure as they say.

At first I didn't see the point since, I am just 23 and I thought eye creams were supposed to be used when you're 30 and up (according to one article I read, you start showing small signs of aging when you hit your late 20s going into 30s, so prevention should start at around 25)

I'm two years too early but who cares. I don't.

*This is a sample size I got from the goody bag during the KATE Tokyo launch.*

Consistency is thick and creamy. It's emollient and sinks in slowly. It's not a fast drying eye cream, so if you're looking for something more snappy, I suggest go for an eye gel. They tend to dry faster. As most gels are wont to do.

It has a very very light flowery talc smell but doesn't irritate my eyes or anything.

I like the moisturized feeling it gives. It's a nice step to add (if I remember to do it) and being the thinnest skin (or one of) it requires a little bit more attention at least to me. So despite not being a necessity I like to think it'll help me in the future.

I wouldn't say it's my holy grail, but it's not a bad eye cream. And knowing it's a known Japanese brand I'm reassured that excellent ingredients were used and that the product was tested thoroughly. I mean, have you seen their skin? Apart from their diet, they have the best skin in my opinion.

You can find these at some Watsons' stores and Department stores - Beauty section.

PS. What eye creams have you used, and can recommend me?
PPS. What do you think about eye creams/gels in general in relation to adequate age usage?
PPPS. Seriously, have you seen Japanese people's skin?


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  1. ay its true! japanese girls have luminescent skin. super kaingit. wish i have an eye cream to recommend but so far im still using up my kiehls midnight recovery eye cream - which isnt that good. youre on the right track tho, i wish i started using eye creams as early as 20 :)

  2. btw forgot to comment on your new blog layout, its so nice cj! esp the header, its very luxy... ala coach / other high end brands :)

  3. Still not sure if I need eye creams. I'm already in my early 30's and I still don't have the habit. I just bring my moisturizer a little around the eye area (mga 1cm around the edges of my eyes). And it seems to be enough. There was a time that I thought I needed it, I bought a few but I never got to use them.

  4. Thanks!!!! I don't know if I've commented regarding your latest design change but I like it! The edit was very subtle. :)

    I never looked at it that way...parang Hermes ang dating haha bec of the horse.

  5. Aye, I used just plain ol' oil or moisturizer cream on my under eyes too. Just thought switching to an official eye cream would be more effective in a way. I don't even know. We'll see. :))

  6. Awwww too bad it isn't up to your standards...Keihl's isn't exactly cheap.

  7. I've actually never used an eye cream with a scent (I feel funny about having something perfumed close to my eyes) but this sounds interesting, thanks a lot for the review! :)

  8. It's actually very very verylight, you can barely smell it. I'm inclined to think it was just my hand cream/sanitizer that I was smelling at the time but I can't double check anymore because I finished this already :(

  9. early 20's I already have these lines underneath my eyes so i started using eye creams...haven't found the one, seems like nothing is working...just have to embrace them and maybe a good eating habit also helps


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