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by - 27 February

I've had no trouble receiving parcels from Born Pretty Store for quite some time now. They package the items really really well (lots of foam and bubble wrap) and the people are nice and polite when they reply to your email . The only thing I can definitely comment on is the shitty postal + customs service in the Philippines.

Annoyances aside, Born Pretty Store boasts a lot of items like clothes, makeup, nails and accessories for cheap and I quite like some most of the items there. So when I browsed their site for face brushes, I found this sleek looking gem.

I've seen a lot of brush sets like these in the market-local and overseas. As you can probably deduce most companies stamp their logos on it, do some marketing and poof it becomes coco crunch.

Not that I have any complaints. It just makes for healthy competition and amazing bargains like this one.

Currently on sale for less than $15 ($13.99) you get a 5 piece sleek black face set. The lightweight metal ferrules are sturdy and connected with the rest of the handle.The weight of the brush is more concentrated on the bottom rubber part and a slight bend at the "waist" of the handle makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver.

I like synthetic now when it comes to face brushes so I like that the hairs are synthetic and very soft. The tips are white which adds to the over-all clean aesthetic and also acts as an indicator for when it's time to give it a good washing. Speaking of, I've already deep cleaned this set twice ever since I had it and I've no problem at all with strays and bleeding.

The set includes :

  • Angled Flat Top
  • Flat Top
  • Rounded Flat Top
  • Domed
  • Rounded Angle
Now in all honesty, I could do without either the angled flat top or the flat top one. They work well and are great but the angle isn't extremely obvious and they really perform exactly the same so having both in the set is redundant. But if you're someone who goes through face brushes quickly, another face brush is a nice backup especially if you're a makeup artist or you just want to skip a few more days until brush-laundry day.

I've noticed that all of the brushes are not that densely packed and some are less dense than others. Now this might be a con to some but it suits me perfectly well as I can use the not-so-dense ones. namely the angled flat top and flat top, for blusher and powder contour.

If I used the other brushes it tends to get a lot more product and take me a long time blending it out. Whilst all are great for powders, liquids and cream, I find these two just right for blusher, highlight and bronzer/contour.

Bottom-line : Do I recommend?

Yes. For less than $20 you get a face set shipped for free. It's a good starter for someones vanity or for a professional kit. If you're like me, I can never have enough face brushes. Mostly for the fact that I don't like washing them- I can just reach for a clean one easily.


Website : Bornprettystore
Link to brush set here
Coupon code : CJSH10

PS. They're labeled as wooden handle brushes on the site. Double checked my brushes again and I'm pretty sure they're metal or plastic. Maybe they are wooden...but I don't want to scrape off the handle.
PPS. Do you have a lot of brushes? Which do you have more of, face brushes or eye brushes?

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  1. That's a great find. I'm happy that there are more affordable but good quality brushes popping out lately. :D

  2. looks good, I should have check this first..oh well got a set which includes brushes that gives question marks on top of my head


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