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by - 24 February

There is a lot of talk about this latest makeup marvel predominantly in Korean-makeup enthusiast's blogs.

Credits to owner/s

The name speaks for itself and doesn't need a lot of explanation. It's basically a lip tint pack - think of those mask packs you put on the nose or the whole face then peel it off after a few minutes.

Hearing this new makeup phenomenon, I cringed. Mainly because my face/nose packs tend to be tear-inducing when it came to peeling them. Satisfying and yet slightly masochistic if you understand.

And all it took was one video to change my opinion about it.

Like I said, this didn't garner my positive reaction at first glance. But then as I scrolled through my YouTube feed I came across Rainbow members' Hyun-Young & Ji-Sook's YouTube segment called Girl's Wiki.

It featured this tint pack from Berrisom- how it applied and worked. It's pretty entertaining honestly and I don't think (after watching this) that it hurts when it's peeled off. Awesome! They've been getting positive reviews so far and I only know one brand as of the moment.

What're your thoughts on this? I think it's kinda genius now.


PS. I love Rainbow's A. They're seriously underrated.
PPS. Currently on a makeup spending ban since December. And so far so good! I want to finish all my opened makeup first before buying any. Thinking of a project pan post...what do you think?

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  1. OMG i can already feel the pain by just seeing the pictures lol but i must admit that the video is quite entertaining nga!

  2. I guess I get the convenience of not having to reapply lipstick... but lipsticks aren't even hard to apply in the first place (compared to eyebrows... so I really get the brow tattoo thing). Oh well, I don't think I would be sporting those lip tints because I like to interchange my lip color depending on my mood. Maybe I can try it out for curiosity's sake. :P

  3. I think it's for people who don't like reapplying haha. Or maybe they want to use it in the presence of water or something. Haha

  4. Oo nga e, yun din reaction ko. Haha I have sensitive lips kasi it's always dry so mejo iffy ako, but it looks so interesting. haha

  5. ooh quite scary but interesting. siguro id like to try it once, not sure if id be willing to use it regularly tho. haha you always find the most interesting makeup trends!
    btw i like the little lip brush that she used!

  6. Madalas Korean products yung may interesting shiz no? I'd love to try it though. Just to feel what it's like haha.

  7. I think nakakaaliw. I remember the clear glue in school. You either wash or peel it off, but peeling was kinda fun. Maybe this is the adult version of that. :))

  8. Oh my what a thought. Clear glue.... hahaha


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