What to wear to a business lunch, date, work

by - 22 August

What to wear to a business lunch, date, work

A.K.A. I have no money to actually buy these shit so let me pretend to be a stylist.

The weather is being weird again. In the mornings it's SUPER hot until the evening, 
but sometimes storms and light rainfall pop up seemingly out of nowhere. 

Climate change is a terrible thing. And those who think it's just a myth have to get their 
heads out of their asses. (whooah, reign all that rage in)

Anyway, I made this outfit with work appropriation in mind whilst not being too dressy 
but not too casual either.

The light airy fabric is perfect for summer especially in the tropics.
For work of course you might want a light cardigan or jacket as during summer they crank up 
the AC up to Antarctica.

Most of my items are from Zalora. And here's a special treat! First time users get 15% when my code is used! ZBAPCE8

Happy Shopping!


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