San San Pen Eyeliner Review : The holy grail affordable eyeliner that everyone loves

by - 17 August

...except me.

Here in the Philippine beauty blogging/YouTube community this eyeliner shot up to fame for it's price tag, performance and availability. Read on to see why I wasn't so impressed.

About San San

SanSan is a Philippine drugstore brand. Fairly popular for its affordability and good performance. Their makeup line is mostly infused with skin care benefits like Vitamin A, C, E , moisturizers, SPF etc.

Visual appeal

First things first I'm the realest  the looks. It's as standard as how pen liners go. The logo rubs off easily though. Like within a couple of days expect your eyeliner to look like the one above. The cap shuts nicely which is a great thing since you don't want your liner to leak. It also doesn't have the manufacturing and/or expiry date onto the product itself which is a bummer if you threw away the packaging it came with.


I liked the felt tip. It's firm but not too firm and hard as if it were a hard pencil. BUT I had to push the liner onto my skin to get some proper pigment out. Like actually exert more pressure on the liner as opposed to just gliding the pen effortlessly on my eyelid.

So naturally because I exerted more pressure, it always came out patchy. If I didn't exert that kind of effort it wasn't pouring any liquid onto the top at all. As if I was using a dried out pen liner.


After lining my eyes raw to get a proper line on, it looks "ok" actually. Matte but definitely not the blackest liner. Midday it looks grayish because it's faded and not as defined as when I first applied.

It is water resistant in my experience. Not smudge-proof or waterproof though (Claimed to be waterproof on the package)


I probably got a bad batch since I can't seem to find anyone who doesn't seem impressed with this. Still, I will not be repurchasing this. I'll get better luck with ELF honestly. They dry out really quickly but you get a good run for your money while you can still use it. Performed way better if my memory serves me right.

2.0 ml / 0.07 fl oz. for PHP 150 -200, it's priced right. But I didn't like it. Who knows, I might try this again in the future.

Any recommendations? Thoughts?


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  1. I think you got a bad apple or something? It's easier to apply when it's brand new, but even when it's not, I never needed to push the liner into my eyelid to get some product out. I just need to go over the first line I made several times to intensify the pigment. Also, I've tried it out in different settings (cold and hot weather) and while it certainly does fade a bit, most of the liner stays put all day. I wore it for over 24 hours once, even slept on it, and it still remained intact.

    Anyway, a lot of women also seem to love K Palette's liquid eyeliners, so I'd also like to check that one out! Maybe it will perform better than San San's.

  2. This is exactly what happened with my Happy Skin Liquid Liner. I had to really push it down to get some pigment, which is so not good :(

  3. oh tsk tsk such a shame naman, these are the times when i wish we had good return policy here in the ph.

  4. :( I feel ya sister. I feel ya...

  5. YES to that. And coupons!!! Lots of it !!! So we can put discounts upon discounts upon discounts like in the States. Gah, I live for those.

  6. Good for you! Yeah K-pallette seems to be a constant contender in that category. I haven't seen it though...I've seen DollyWink. Have you tried that brand?

  7. Ohh my good thing mura lang siya. I'm actually not a fan of eyeliners like this, I'm better with thin long brushes na nasa small bottle. For quality, super fave ko yung ganito sa skinfood, all-day-long stay put siya. :)

    1. Oohhh haven't tried skinfood. Kasi honestly na put-off ako sa mga sales attendants nila. But I'm willing to try again!

  8. I got this in brown and had the same experience, even if it's inexpensive it still wasn't worth it. Threw it out after a week.


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