A highlight on the Golden Ratio liquid + cream highlighter by Cool Betty - Product Review

by - 11 January

Well hello there. As you can see I have come back from the "dead" or rather from the food-induced comatose resulting from the holidays which (we're all friends here are we not?) I'm positive I haven't properly digested yet. The holidays are still a blur to me.

Moving on, I give you a review on this cute acquisition. 

I've been wanting a liquid highlighter ever since I've been introduced to the HIGH BEAM from Benefit via beauty bloggers and vloggers/youtubers.

Then came the more affordable ones from mememe and etudehouse.

High Beam - Benefit  |  Beat the Blues - MeMeMe  |  Golden Ratio "Face Glam" - Etude House

Of course High Beam for me is out of the picture, because I think it's a ridiculous price to pay for a liquid highlighter. Golden Ratio isn't available in the Etude House stores here and the MeMeMe, well I don't know where else to get them exactly (I only know one mall that sells them) but I do know you can get them, not as easily as drugstore ones but it is available.

I was all set to get the MeMeMe because of the good reviews and affordable price when Daisy of http://bornprettystore.com contacted me for a review opportunity so like any self-respecting beauty blogger I said FVCKYEAH!...without the fvck part. Because, you know, that would be rude.

Cool Betty's Golden Ratio is under the main brand POLINA (http://www.baolina.com.cn/) or Baolina when you say its Chinese name.

The packaging is quite well made. The box's print, especially ingredients are legible and the images on how to use it are a good touch.

There are two colors for this and I chose the golden one thinking it would impart a champagne/gold-y highlight on my light-medium olive skin tone as opposed to the pink one that will probably have a pink-ish highlight.

Well, you know what's coming next right?
"I was wrong."
Nevertheless I still like it despite my judgement being off.

Housed in a frosted glass bottle, the packaging feels rather luxurious and honestly, heavy, but I don't care. I won't be bringing this with me everywhere anyway. The cap twists off to reveal a spatula not a brush. And the cap/top part houses the cream highlight. All-in-all, it's sturdy. No spills when tilted and the glass is still in tact despite being knocked-over twice.

Consistency is runny. It is a "liquid" highlighter after all. But it has these weird bumpy texture that you don't really feel when spread on the skin. I think they're the pigment and shimmer not completely and seamlessly combining in their golden yellow base.

The consistency of the cream highlighter or eye cream though is well, solid. I'd say similar to a balm but less sticky. I would akin it to a balm primer...maybe like Dr.Feel Good from Benefit or the Magic Pore Cover balm from A'pieu.

Here are some swatches.

Yes.The liquid one gives off a pink sheen when hit with the light despite having a yellow base but the cream one gives off a golden sheen that is similar to the color of its balm base.

I still like it despite being pink-ish. Regarding fragrance, the liquid product does smell powdery. The cream one doesn't have any discerning smells, which I appreciate.

I've tried the liquid one mixed with my bb cream to give off that "glowy" look. And I didn't like it. Probably because my skin isn't the most smooth out there. So I just use this as a regular highlighter.

They should really hire a good translator.

As for the cream highlighter or "eye cream" as its suggested use, isn't good for it. As an eye shadow it creases. As a base for powder shadows...it creases, not a whole lot, but it does. It retains its creamy state and doesn't set. So I also use it as a highlighter for under my eyebrows, inner corners of my eyes and on top of my cheekbones as well.

Application though is tedious, for the liquid highlighter. It's not a very in-your-face highlighter and not "a little goes a long way" kind of highlighter either. Its effect is very subtle. So if you want a more noticeable sheen for night-time events where there's sure to be lots of pictures, you'll need more than one application.

And you can't pile a lot on at once either. You have to put a little. Let it dry. Then put some more.

Like I said, tedious.

Hi to my face and the debut of my new hair!
That being said. I  still like it for its subtlety. And having 30ml of liquid with 2g of cream highlight, I'm sure it'll last me for a very looong time. The highlight itself lasts on my face too. It fades a bit from my perspiring and blotting but it's definitely still there.

Should you get it? Yes. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the Benefit liquid highlighters this is a good choice. You're getting two products after all and for less than $10.

This retails for $6.99 with free shipping so you can see why I'm recommending it.

Good news too, I have a coupon code for you! QEL91 use this to get 10% off your purchase. So you can definitely try this out without hurting the bank.

Here's the link to the Cool Betty Golden Ratio - http://www.bornprettystore.com/golden-ratio-face-glam-base-cosmetic-cream-beauty-makeup-p-3849.html

Check out http://bornprettystore.com for more details!


PS. Don't you think Cool Betty's Golden Ratio is similar to Etude House's Golden Ratio? Of course I wouldn't know about the product itself when compared and the packaging has some discrepancies but the name of the Cool Betty one isn't very imaginative is it? Hehehe

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  1. they copied etude house! hahaha! mga chinese talaga :p

  2. Oo! Haha. It's not surprising since even foreign brands like Maybelline, Revlon etc copy each other haha. Nung una ko nakita yung product na to, sabi ko "whuuuutt, iniba lang nila yung front picture na "mona lisa" and changed it to this chinese/taiwanese star. :))" hahaha

  3. The way you describe it, it does seem tedious, I initially thought that the tediousness would come from having to get the perfect balance to avoid looking like a greaseball. Anyway, I'm not sure if you've tried dinoplatz. The one I have is #2 pink base gold shimmer. That one's ok.

  4. Maybe the solid highlighter is a sort of primer for the liquid one? Kaya ka nahihirapan iapply yung liquid?

  5. Tedious only when you're more into "obvious" highlighting action. :P In that respect people in that category would find this tedious and might not like it.

    No, I haven't. Fun name, I like it already! Haha Nature Republic and The Face Shop has some too I think, the stick/cream highlighters though.

  6. I doubt it, since the solid one doesn't set but sure I'll give it a whirl. I haven't tried it like that anyway. :D Thanks!

  7. Haha, yeah, got that. When you said tedious I immediately thought you were gonna say the other way around. Anyway, I think you'll really like TCFS' Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion. It's super easy to put on, and the pink based + gold shimmer grew on me (I have Baby Pink Clam). The other shade is Mother of Pearl. I thought I was going to like that but when I sampled it at the store, the shimmer was too obvious for my liking.

  8. Hehehe. As of now I've read 2 reviews on it and I would love to try it. Baby Pink Clam is definitely more to my liking although Mother of Pearl isn't that bad either. Will look more into TCFS Thanks for recommending!!! :>

  9. I agree. To apply liquid highlighters, they can be VERY tedious. Cant do well with them. I tried both of MeMeMe's highlighters but I just gave them away in the end.

  10. i love how it looks on your face, i can see the "golden ratio" ^_^~ however, the packaging and name is quite off as it is exactly the same as EH, this brand also copies dolly wink! but oh well its made in china , what can you expect >_>~ btw, u reminds me of rhian ramos!, may hawig kayo , pretty ^_^<

  11. I love highlighters! thanks for sharing dear!


  12. Yes!!! Awwww too bad. But they were good right? Just tedious to apply?

  13. IT'S EXACTLY the same. Not sure about the inside but the outside is identical. Weh? I didn't know even Dolly Wink. Have to be honest I'd like to try that one though hhahaha!

    Thanks so much for the compliment!

  14. I honestly thought this was Etude House! :))


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