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Love the shoes and the trench

Hello from the very cool (literally) China. Or rather Ni Hao! Yes, if you're wondering, I'm blogging from Guangzhou, China right now and my nails have never looked more dead. (THIS PLACE IS FREEZING MY TOES OFF)

Last time I showed you some "Cool Guy Outfits from Japan" now it's the girls' turn.

Red and knee-high socks
Paparazzi-proof. Or paparazzi-magnet? I mean just look at those red cuties.

I mostly like her hair

I've rocked this look a few times before, just hate it when people assume it's cosplay

Love the textured sweater on the right and beige socks

Both are too cute for words
What are your favorites from the pictures? Care to share?

P.S. Might do a travel makeup/beauty bag. I did bring quite a number of things. :) What do you think?

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  1. The fashion is always so cute and I like how they layer and accessorise. Love the hats, scarves and shoes :)

  2. i love japan <3 wish i lived there. yup post the travel make up bag entry :) im actually excited to travel just so i could do one haha.

  3. Blogging for China. Sounds awesome. I encourage you to participate in my give away!

  4. This is such an interesting post! So fun to see what fashion is like on the other side of the world x

  5. No one can do wrong in one (clothing-wise) :)

  6. I would loooove to visit Japan. Ugh. Haha! I will soon. Might have to jot what I brought down, I used up a lot of things and threw them out already :P

  7. Exactly! Thanks for dropping by!


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