STREET SNAPS : Cool Guy Outfits - Japan

by - 27 July

I just love guys who dress well. Period. I admire a guy who's not confined to his T-shirt + Jeans + Sneakers combo. Although I do admit a fondness to casual-sporty-esque outfits or rather, creative recreational outfits for guys, I tend to tip my hat more to the adventurous kind who play and discover the style that suits them best. Who also have an appreciation to classic, basic and tailored pieces. ;)

The coat plus the pop of red || The tan blazer with checks and tan shoes.
The necklace and tattoo.

What is it with Japanese men or just the Japanese in general that makes them pull-off theoretically fashionable outfits? By theoretically fashionable, I mean fashion styles/outfits that only look good in theory or in sketches but when worn, can invariably raise some eyebrows. If I see this outfit worn here, it'll just look ridiculous. Shorts + Tights? On a guy? I don't mean to sound rude and pull-out the double standard card but, no. Ditch the shorts and we're good to go. But he just pulls it off fantastically. And that necklace is LOVE.

The jacket and the shoes.
The purple scarf || The polka dotted pants with the green parka.

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  1. i think its bec of their small but fierce chinky eyes haha :D wish my boyfriend would learn how to dress up more like this :)

  2. the guy with the lablet piercing <3 "Is you da wan por me?" :))))

  3. Last set of photos are the bomb for me. Red tie+purple silk scarf... who wldv thought? Only a japanese fashionable guy i guess, lol. And the polka pants, woohooo!

    Re: ZA true white powder foundation case:

    doesnt look hand-painted. id like to think it's metal but i flick my finger against it and it's kind of plastic-y in sound. only thing im sure of is that it's sleek and shiny! (copied my reply to your Q at the blog post)

  4. Hahahahahahahahahhahaha :)))

  5. If I wore the polka pants, which I would never, I'd look silly or even just any guy I see randomly I would think they looked absolutely ridiculous. But they just...don't right? They look okay with it and cool in a way. It's not fair. :))

    Thanks for telling me! I like that it's sleek and shiny. I have a Loccitane powder foundation case here that's been rotting for years since I can't seem to find a powder that fits its shape. It's also square-ish, apparently companies don't make a standard size for squared pans. Maybelline's too square and the others are too rectangl-ey. Ugh I make no sense :)))

  6. That may be part of it :)) Koreans and Japanese people have the best fashion sense in terms of guy's clothing in my opinion :)

    Oh honey, don't we all. Lol

  7. i like men who can actually pull this style off!! :)

  8. Love most of these outfits! I do like my guys in the plain T-shirt, jeans and sneakers though ahah. I'm just a pretty boring person, is all. xD

  9. I admire these kinds of fashionable guys but in reality I'm the same as well. :) I'm pretty laid-back most days so I'd appreciate a guy that's the same as well. :) Imagine if the guy's more primped up than me all the time, I'd have a hell of a time keeping up so we both somehow match :))


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