Captain's Log : The Azta Urban Experience

by - 08 July

Initial Reaction : How come I've never seen this salon before?
(Azta Urban Salon - Eastwood Branch)

*Picture heavy post*

1:00 PM to 1:10 PM - "This is an interesting layout" 
"Huge ass mirror on the left, like I needed to be reminded of my thighs."

Wondered at first how other clients who can't use the stairs enter, but there's actually an entrance connected to the mall on the upper floor of the salon. Nice. Didn't get to take a good picture of said mirror because of monologue above. But I liked the layout with the mirror, gives the illusion of space in an otherwise cramped-looking entry-way.

"Hi! Are you the blogger?"
"Come in , have a seat."

I was greeted by the super nice (and sexy) Richelle. This woman, checked up on me from time to time to see how I was doing.

The place wasn't packed that time, but enough to keep most of the stylists busy. I thought by having the name "Urban" it would cater more to the early 20s to late 30s , but surprisingly there were a couple of, mature ladies inside getting their hair did.

1:15 PM - "Thank the lord. Some distractions" 
After being seated at a station, I was told that Lin the stylist will be with me shortly for a consultation. She had pretty much her hands full the entire time I was there. Good thing there were magazines for me to skim.

"Oooohh pretty"

1:30 PM - "Trim" and Consultation
"Can I just have a trim?" 
"Of course. How much would be cut off?" 
"An inch? :D"
"LOL. This is gonna take a long time then. I would suggest cutting it just barely below your shoulders"
"Errrr. Okay. 2 inches na lang. Haha"

I swear I could see a thought bubble saying, this girl ridiculous on top of their heads when I told them I only wanted an inch cut off. Getting just an inch cut was ridiculous. So I compromised by agreeing to cut 2 inches off my hair. I know, I'm generous. I can't help it.

My "agenda" for the day was cut and colour. It would definitely be easier and make more sense to cut more  hair so colouring wouldn't be too taxing on both sides, but I was determined to keep the length and wanted to experience this so-called "mermaid hair" even if my butt grew numb from my insistence.

But unfortunately my ends were looking like drought so a little above 2 inches were cut. More like 3 judging from the picture...

The big book of hair colors.

1:45 PM - Shampoo + Base coat for the roots + Shampoo
"I've always liked salon shampoos. It has that very distinct salon shampoo smell"

I swear I'm more eloquent in real life.

3:10 PM - Highlights
"I've never had them so why not"

They were suggesting I get ombre hair, but I felt everyone else was doing  it lately. Other people rock it but it's not for me.

I can just grow out my hair and not re-touch the roots. Boom. Ombre. HAHA (Laugh with me?)

The 2nd shot reminds me of the Disney movie, Mulan. Interestingly enough, when this was happening I was singing "A girl worth fighting for" in my head. 

4:Something PM - Waiting
"Like I said. Waiting." 

By this time I started to feel hungry (I didn't have lunch), naturally I made myself hungrier by looking at recipes. Mmm meat.

Good thing I was given some milk tea to drink while my hair's cooking.

5:Something PM - Some more magazines
"Something seems...different" 

During this time the foil wrappers were removed and I got a preview of the color. I sort of panicked.

"Gah! It's yellow. I'll take another picture exactly like this one just to waste time make sure." 

"Definitely crayola." 

I held in my doubts and trusted the stylist (And good thing I did). The show wasn't over yet.

6:35 - DONE. Finally!
"Would you like your hair curled?" 
"Hmmmm. How big is the barrel?" 
"21 inches"
"Hmmmm. Okay! :) "

A super sweet shot with Richelle and my amazingly talented fairy godmother Lyn.


It blended in beautifully with the rest of my hair. It won't look natural obviously, but the streaks weren't as loud as I thought it would be.

When my hair's parted in the middle the highlights don't show unless I part it on the side, finger-comb my hair or tie it up, which I thought was nice and according to Lyn, it's the updated way to highlighting hair.

To the person who took this, lol. Thank you though!
With pretty Lyn and cutie Glaiza (who had to put up with my small talk)

Thank you to Azta Urban Salon for taking care of me throughout the day! Thanks specifically to Maita for giving me a chance to try out their services. This post took a while but I hope you like it!

Here's a link to their Facebook page if you're interested in their services. They have their "menu" uploaded in one of their Facebook albums.

P.S. I edited LYN's name from LIN. Sorry I butchered it!!!

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  1. i wish i can still look as pretty as you even with random hair clips on my hair ^^ nice pictures and hair overall :)

  2. Loved how it turned out!

  3. i've only had a haircut at azta salon (katip branch).. i would like to try their coloring services soon!

  4. HAHA! Thanks for the compliment! It took a few minutes of convincing myself to put up those pictures.

  5. Same here. Same Salon, :) Highlights din sken, :) hihi. The Best tlga mga Stylist sa Azta :)

  6. I love the results sis. I have the same feeling everytime I need to trim my hair. If only they can just cut an inch hahaha. I've never tried highlights before but might consider one when I get to visit a salon. I also want to try services from Azta salon soon. I've read a lot of positive feedback. :)

  7. Lovely lovely CJ! :) It suits you real well! Azta is really a good go-to salon!

  8. Exactly!!! It's like they have their own measurement system. Highlights are really nice, I've always wanted one but I was afraid I might look tacky. I've always done one color dyes for my whole head, but getting highlights was a nice change of pace.

  9. Thank you! Shari! And I agree! Azta and Bench fix have not disappointed me so far :) And I have a regular neighborhood salon I go to near my place, honestly though just for trims and such I'll go to my neighborhood salon, much cheaper :P

  10. it looks like such an awesome salon! your hair looks great! :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. the highlights look really nice :) ahaha I get tempted to do the accidental ombre thing also

  12. I love this post!

    this blog is worthy of following!

    would you like to to follow eachother?


  13. Hi there pretty! I just went to Azta yesterday and tried their Kerasilk plus I also had my haircut. I went to their ATC branch by the way. However, their branch there in Eastwood is more spacious as I've noticed. I'm happy with the results of my hair too! I can't wait to share it on my blog soon :)


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