Review Time!!! : Sunsilk Weather Defense Cream

by - 06 October

I have a product review for you guys today, weather you like it or not. {eh? Eh? Get it?...sigh} 
Read on to see what I think about this product :)

If you're like me and have perpetual "semi-dry" ends even after all the deep conditioning and "deeply nourishing" conditioners {They do work. I just think the effects aren't as permanent as one would think when they've used them all their life} you might use some kind of serum or cream after washing your hair. Or even skip shampooing your hair for a day.

For some magical reason though, no matter how often I skip shampoo days, and my hair is as oily as Severus Snape's, my ends still stay dry. 

So on goes the hunt for an effective leave-on conditioner. Now if you've used leave-on/leave-in conditioners before, you may know that some of them come in the form of cream, just like their "normal" conditioner counterpart that you use in the shower. But they can get a little sticky and greasy, as if you still need to wash it off. I then proceeded to check that off my list, because apart from the greasiness that beckons the frying pan,  it makes my scalp itchy from all the dirt it attracts. 


So I tried serums. Some are actually good even if they are a little sticky. But ever since I've tried Sunsilk's Weather Defense Serum . I don't want to waste my bet on a blind attempt at finding a more affordable dupe. {It retails for around P300} It's a little pricey for such a small tube but it really works for me.

  • - It smells nice.
  • - Not as sticky as other serums. Compared to the other serums I would say the Sunsilk one is the LEAST bit sticky.
  • - Makes my hair super soft in just one pump.

Now these are good BUT I found that you may end up using the whole bottle in a month or less if you use it everyday and if you have long hair. Because my sisters and I are pretty close to using up the serum {sorry mom}. So when I saw  the cream counterpart at the store, or rather the "cheaper" cream counterpart {P60-P70 for 40ml}, I proceeded to try it.

And after more than 2 weeks of using it I can safely say that I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT.

My hair still looked dry and felt just a microscopic bit softer. Doesn't make my hair shiny. Even after I put more than 4 quarter-sized amount in my hair.

I like the packaging though. Looks fancy.

For those who like to look at the ingredients not only when they're in the bathroom and have nothing else to read.

It's meeellltttiinngg.... :(

Too bad. I had high hopes for this. And I hate wasting money so I am still using this, just to finish it all up. 

What serums/ leave in conditioners do you use?

*These are my own opinions on the product mentioned. I wasn't paid in any form whatsoever to do this review. Nor am I bashing the company in any way. I merely just stated my own opinion as a consumer.

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