I am Les Miserables

by - 11 October

“Life's great happiness is to be convinced we are loved.” 

Who here has read Les Miserables? Even better if you watched the musical. Film version hmm, so-so I guess. It is a bit tricky to translate a play full of singing actors to the big screen without being awkward and so out of place.

So I didn't really READ the book per-se. I read the condensed version my teacher gave us for our reading assignment in High school. Now, even if certain parts were missed, I loved the story. As dark and depressing as it was, I absolutely loved it and felt the emotions and the injustice that happened to Jean Val Jean very severely. {Over-acting but you get the gist}

I was planning to read the book but for some unknown reason I never got around to getting it.

Falling in love with the book was one thing. Falling in love with the songs is another.

The songs in the musical are so beautiful and very emotional. Passion and conviction is needed to play these parts well. So finding the right actors/singers is crucial.They can have the most beautiful voice but if the song doesn't really speak with you it's not that memorable.

So when I heard Lea Salonga sing On My Own. {NOTE: You might not get my excitement and my love for the songs if you don't know the story}

I was just amazed. It brings vibrancy to the story. There's also a version for the one cast as Eponine for the latest version of the Film-Musical Les Misarables. And she's actually really good, her voice and the way she sang it was {for me} actually better than Lea's. But I liked Lea more because, I just think the song connected with me more when she sang it.

I actually got teary-eyed when I heard this. The performance, the voices especially Alfie Boe's, was beyond amazing. I actually listened to this on repeat for more than 30x.

So I'm SUPER PUMPED for when this shows.

Some of the cast members' voices may not be at par with Alfie Boe's and Lea Salonga's but you can tell  the emotion is there and they way they sang it is more realistic IMHO.

I am so ready for this. Until then let me just play the songs on repeat.

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  2. hey, dear!
    i also love this book and this play. i cant wait for the film!
    i love your blog.
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    nessi from hungary

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  4. Oh god...I'm a Les Mis musical fanatic! I have those exact same videos in my youtube favorites and I replay them to death. Without bias, I think Lea Salonga was really the best Eponine. But I think she was even better as Fantine (though as I got used to Ruthie Henshall years ago, vocal skills aside, I don't really know who I prefer). I teared up at her rendition! <3

    At first I wasn't that interested in the film, but I must say, the hype is getting to me and I'm curious. So I can't wait to see it when MMFF is over! :)

  5. Ahhhhhh yay! I swear I listened to Alfie and Lea's part all day for 3 days straight. I was so addicted. I agree about Lea being the best Eponine, even if I liked the Eponine in Les Mis 2012, I found Lea more convincing, it's probably her face; she was so young, so she played innocence really well.

    I agree!!!<3 But I think there's an advance screening somewhere, I just happened to see it on facebook. The tickets are 500 a pop though, but for a cause, I just forgot what the cause was.:P

    Anyway thanks for commenting :)


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