My ZALORA Wishlist!

by - 12 May

What the heck should I wear?! You've heard it and you've said it a lot and I mean a LOT of times in your life. Now these words are usually uttered or on occasion screamed, whenever we're going to an event wherein we want to look nice and still stand out from the throng of body-con/bandage dresses and strapless numbers. 

My College graduation is in a weeks time, this coming Friday actually, and I admit I already have a dress. It's nice, flowy and floral. It Offers a little cleavage and leg action without the word "slutty" clinging to the air when you wear it. But seeing as it's an extra-hot summer, and with the slew of whites, off-whites and florals, my dress doesn't exactly stand-out from the crowd not to mention the fabric of my dress is itchy and hot, given this unforgiving hot sun and extra-hot air is probably not the smartest choice to wear.

Good thing I chanced upon the Nuffnang X ZALORA contest, because I can have a chance to make my  desires a reality. Here are my choices.

1. Plains & Prints - Mykonos Dress

Other than the fact that the material is light and breezy, the cut is demure. 
The perfect silhouette for a school function. 
I've always wanted to try the hi-low/mullet hem.

I'm in love with the heel detail. 
And wedges are comfy, especially since I'll be doing the mandatory 

The hint of color on the side gives it
a young vibe.

Nothing makes entering the "real world" more official
than an elegant, simple and very cool time piece. 

The perfect blue for the perfect day.

Even if the pieces I chose, in itself are very simple, together I think these would really make an impact marking my graduation a most memorable one. I mean, c'mon how often do you get to say to people that you won your whole outfit?

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