Cute Manicure Set in a clutch... What say you?

by - 10 May

It's black leatherette with bronze embellishments.
Surprise! It's not a clutch! I wish it was though.

Got it from my mom, when she got back from...wherever she went to buy "stuff". Because that's exactly what she said to me when she was going out. "I'm going to buy stuff. Bye!"

The whole case is metal with a clasp lock. The inside is cute as well, all brown leatherette and suede type of fabric. And all of them are sharp. I was actually surprised since some things, when they have adorable packaging, end up disappointing me when it came to the actual contents.

Hooray to having my own manicure set! Because I don't like it when strangers touch and clean my nails, especially my toes. I mean, I wouldn't want to touch some stranger's foot then clean it even if that is my job.

How about you? Do you have your own manicure set? or do you go out and have your nails done?

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