Careline Kiss Sticks Review and Swatches | Easy to wear and bring! But be careful...

by - 24 May

Crayon type products have been in the beauty space for a while now (decades) and it's not some innovative thing especially if it's something for the lips or the eyes. With the most recent iteration by fast-growing local beauty empire Sunnies Face (Eye Crayon) let's actually shine a tiny light on the beauty fixture, tween-rebranded Careline. 

These Kiss Sticks by Careline that are actually a the local answer to the ColourPop Lippie Stix -if I'm not mistaken.

Like I mentioned, in previous posts, old 'established' beauty brands are wanting, in the shade department. Most of these shades cannot work on darker skintones, medium skin has a tiny more option but as always, light to fair skin tones have the lion's share of suitable shades...anyway.

PINCH - Berry mauve
LUCID - Warm rosey-mauve
JUST BETTER - Beige pink-nude

These Kiss Sticks have been around for years now and I haven't written anything on them yet and despite these 3 shades being the only ones that I feel work on me, I'm quite pleased with them.

Priced at less than Php 200, these lippies fall into the cheap or rather, extremely affordable range. With the twist-up packaging and sharpener at the bottom of each stick, it feels reminiscent of school days - but not treading the juvenile category. It feels 'young' & 'hip' while not quite looking like a child's art supply.

As I've mentioned these 3 shades are the only ones I can confidently wear as an everyday lip look. I had two more shades that I wanted that would work, but they were almost always out of stock so I let it go.

Just better is something I do mix with other lippies in my stash -to lighten or do the 'blurred lip' look which it does well.

Lucid and Pinch, I just wear on their own most of the time. So you might ask, how well do they mix with other products?

These are very creamy. While not slippery and/or emollient, these blend out and glide on as well as can be. They aren't moisturizing at all nor do they tout that claim - so exfoliate, moisturize and stay hydrated because these emphasize your cracks, crevices, demons and dry lips.

The finish is your traditional creamy satin, not matte thankfully, but not full on glossy either. 

Despite emphasizing my parched-mummy-lips to high heaven, I still reach for these from time to time because they're: 

Fuss free - The narrow lip color makes for cleaner and nicer application compared to the standard lip bullets tubes. The sharpener at the bottom, keeps it nice and precise when you want it to.

Slim and sleek - The cap fits closely and has a satisfying snap on the body of the stick, so there's no chance of it drawing inside your makeup bag or purse. It doesn't take up much space, especially if the rest of your makeup kit contains 'stick'-like packaging as well (very schoolastic cute).

This doesn't have any particular scent or any additional fragrances like the usual vanilla or candy-like sweetness other lip products tend to have. 

While I personally prefer soft creamy cloud-like matte formulas ala Sunnies Face lip dips and fluff mattes, these are something worth mentioning. It did got me thinking though, if Careline released this or reformulated this but with something similar to Sunnies fluff mattes texture....ooooh can you imagine? I would for sure check that out. I hope they do create it, but with more universally flattering shades across all skintones.


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