Netflix's Russian Doll is 100 % binge-worthy

by - 13 March

Netflix has been on the highest of highs lately ever since the crime documentaries have been "flying off the shelves" and they've hit a sweet spot again (in my heart) with the darkly funny, nihilistic, sardonic, time travelesque, deadly gem of a show which asks the question of "If you had the chance to relive your day what would you do differently?".

And it's not just that, this show is multi-layered adressing life and death, religion, sex, love, control, trauma, mental health etc.

Nadia is a 36 year old game programmer who unfortunately died during her 36th birthday party and keeps on dying to relive the same damn birthday. The episodes (so far) show how she tackles getting stuck in a loop, why the loop is there in the first place, how to get out of it and navigating her past and present relationships to everyone around her to top it off.

Natasha Lyonne was easily one of my favorite characters in OINTB and her take on Nadia is no less a stellar piece of acting- She is the star of the show and she shows it. PLUS she's one of the producers along with Amy Poehler! If that isn't enough to get you watching I don't know what will.

Spoilers ahead

What sets it apart from an otherwise an 'Edge of tomorrow' premise are that it's more somber, human, personal. There's basically a lot more complexity in it's characters and the lead's stories and like I said tackles the supernatural and or time travel and death interestingly.

I like that Nadia jumps over the usual 'leading lady trope'. She's not this slim/slender devastatingly attractive woman (not that she isn't gorgeous 'coz she is Hello! American Pie anyone?) with a penchant for trouble and 'daddy/mommy issues' .

She's this intelligent, uncoordinated, trouble-magnet, wordly, realistic woman...with mommy issues. and doesn't have to ultimately 'change' or give up her crass, bratty self to discover more about her or be better at her relationships. Which like I said makes it more relatable. Because people don't just change in a snap for other people.

This is one show you should definitely watch. I'm on the lookout for Season 2 as I type this down.

Sweet birthday baby,

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