3 Philippine Beauty YouTubers You Have To Follow

by - 23 May

pinay beauty youtubers to follow right now!

Their job is to KEEP YOU WATCHING them and they're damn good at it. Talent and beauty abound, these women will keep you hooked whether they're talking about beauty or their life. Read on to find out who has my heart from the local YouTube beauty scene.

1. Raiza Contawi
Apart from her celebrity makeup recreations, which are astounding (watch the Dua Lipa and Nadine Lustre one) she takes you step-by-step as to why she's using a certain technique or product. She has a more 'professional' 'news-caster-like' feel out of all the 3, in my humble opinion.
Plus she looks like CL. And I LOVE CL.

2. Michelle Dy
She is FUN. Plus I'm absolutely in love with her morena beauty. Her loud personality bursts through the screen as soon as her videos start and her makeup game is not to be sideswiped. Gurl is always on-point. Watch her 'challenge' and 'makeup-serye' videos, they are hilarious.

3. Anne Clutz
Her videos are very approachable with a very no nonsense vibe. Straight-to-the-point with her natural, everyday beauty tutorials she inserts little quips and story-times in the middle to make you feel like you're just chit-chatting with your tita-friend. Her 'dupes', 'worth it?' and 'let's try' videos are not to be missed.

Who do you watch in the local YouTube community? Let me know!


*DISCLAIMER : images and videos are from the YouTubers' social media accounts.

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