Toss or Keep | EB Advance Liquid, EB Advance Supreme Lipstick and Careline Liquid Lippie

by - 08 December

Guess which one I kept?

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It's been a LONG ass time since I made a proper makeup review post here and cutting the crap I lost motivation but here I am now because sometimes nobody "needs" to push/pull you, you need to get up and out of that slump yourself.

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Creativity shlump aside, I just want to commend local brand Ever Bilena and sister brand Careline for their very good marketing lately. The products are good, but the marketing is even better. So hats off to ya!

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First up is EB Advance's Liquid Lipstick in Soft Lace (around Php 190) one of the first few attempts of Ever Bilena at the growing popularity of liquid lipsticks at the time (thanks to Colourpop/Kylie Kit/Ofra etc). Bottomline: I don't like it. Mainly because of the texture and the way it sits on the lips and partly because I think it was just put out to join the band-wagon.

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Soft lace is a nice warm-undertoned medium pink, I would say. The texture is creamy and thick with a glossy finish. For me it's basically a regular satin/moist lipstick which was melted down and made tackier. It isn't moisturizing either. So my cracked lips are on full display all day when I wear this.

The colour (whilst technically should work on my olive skin tone textbook-wise) isn't that flattering on me in my opinion too. The only redeeming factors are that it doesn't have any discernible scent (at least for my batch) and the packaging is cute. Other than that, it's a hard pass on this. I did hear the LTD edition ones have a better texture but I won't be trying those anymore.

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Okay, so a huge chuck of why I bought this lipstick was because of the name 'Twiggy'. I wanted something to remind me of the fashion icon in lipstick form. AND I did read reviews online prior which was mostly good to neutral. For the price (around Php 200), the sweet bubblegum candy-like scent, classy-looking (mac-looking) white bullet — I kinda get the appeal.

That said, there's nothing to write home about. It's a satin finished, creamy lipstick. Non-drying and (thankfully) sits well on the lips. For someone like me though lipbalm is should still be applied periodically. Maybe I'd like the other shades better but I'm not enticed enough to do so. Good buy but not worthy of a repurchase imo.

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The only thing I kept was EB's sister company Careline's Liquid Lippie in Maple. While the packaging is uncomfortably cute (I'm personally not into these type of least not anymore) and reminiscent of Kbeauty packaging (ahem Etude ahem Tony Moly) it works. Careline is targetted towards tweens, teens and young adults.

careline ever bilena review swatches 6
The texture is very similar to Nyx Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks and yes it also dries down to a comfortable matte. It's a little thicker compared to the moussey Nyx but the texture is close. The shade, a rosey dark pink is very much up my alley. It also has a slight sweet scent.

At also around Php 200, this was a much better buy compared to the other two. I also use this on my cheeks but applied very carefully as this is very pigmented and a little hard to blend.

So if you're looking for a good blind-buy lippie in the pink department, check out this line from Careline. :)

Have you tried any of these? Which one? What are your thoughts on scented lippies? Let me know below!


PS. One major drawback? The ingredients are printed on the plastic (packaging) itself which you throw away and don't really keep and aren't really available on their sites. :(

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