How to Throw a Party to Remember

by - 29 September

how to throw a party to remember how to throw a party that everyone will remember

The season for get-togethers is coming and some of these occasions are better celebrated at
night. Beer pong challenges, foam parties and gourmet feasts are frequently set on -ber months when workload is stable and friends are back from extended vacations. Organizing a party after hours is a challenge because some friends opt out when celebrations are past curfew.

The best memories are made when the sun is down, however. The best DJs, international acts and cultural festivals all end up in the evening. Colorful fluorescent and LED lights dominate party places and bring happy hour to the next level. If you are caught in confusion on how to throw the party of a lifetime, you use these tips as a guide to make each attendee have a great time.

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1. Select a theme carefully
Following a theme for the night would be perfect. Some common themes for night parties are The Great Gatsby, Las Vegas Casino, Moulin Rouge, the '60s ('70s or '80s will also do), Pop Icons, and other themes that bring the illusion of fun. Try not to complicate the theme. Choose one that gives flexibility when it comes to outfit choices. Picking a theme that's too specific will give you challenge in décor options.

2. Notify the attendees early
Following from the above, themed parties require effort on the part of the participants. Make sure that you give them ample time to look for the right outfits and accessories by notifying them ahead of time. A lot of people choose to skip a party because of last-minute notice. This applies in particular if you have competition like certain holidays.

3. Choose a suitable party venue
Of course, you need to choose the right place for the party. The venue should be spacious enough to accommodate all the attendees and décors. When choosing a venue, prioritize comfort. There are plenty nightlife party venues in Manila, that is if you choose to hold the party somewhere in the metro. Some places to check out are:

● Chaos in City of Dreams, Paranaque
● House Manila at the Resorts World, Paranaque
● Prime Upscale Club in Tomas Morato cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City
● Prive in BGC, Taguig
● Skye in 28th Street cor. 11th Avenue, BGC, Taguig
● Valkyrie in Uptown Bonifacio, BGC, Taguig

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While at it, make sure that the management is okay with decorating the venue. Alternatively, why don't you choose a party venue in Manila that you can tie with your chosen theme? For example, have a Mexican party at a Latin bar. You can go this route, or you may always start with a blank canvas. Your call really.

4. Plan the venue décor
Now that you've picked a fitting venue, the next step is to determine how are you going to dress up the place. Following a theme, your goal is to create an atmosphere where attendees would feel like they are being transported to a different place. Such undertaking requires a keen attention to detail. Always, always, always factor in the dimension of the available space. This means having an ocular inspection way ahead of time so you can plan your décors properly.

5. Plan the menu
Your choices of foods and drinks should also adhere to your preferred theme. The venue management may take care of this portion but make sure that the people understand your menu requirements. Yes, the food alone can make or break your party! So, make it memorable for your guests too. They may forget the décors but never the food and drinks.

Planning a night party is a mighty undertaking, but that doesn't mean you cannot tackle the task. Make it fun and memorable! And such stance applies to all aspects—from the theme to the invites to the venue, décors and menu. If you prepared for it, your themed party would definitely become a success.

Contributor : This article is written by Tanya Gomez, a blogger from Manila, writing about party venues in Manila, events and also weddings. She writes for Hizon’s Catering, one of the best catering company in the Philippines. Follow her twitter @awesometanya64

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