Another Beauty Box | Why the Althea Trendy Box is worth every penny

by - 24 April

althea-trendy-box-from-head-to-toe-1The market is saturated with subscription boxes and everyone just can't get enough. From healthy snacks, pet things, clothes and of course beauty.

Beauty subscription have been around for years and other brands/companies have started (if not making a killing already) adopting the very marketable trend. Now some beauty box veterans will tell you some subscriptions are just not worth it.  Hi puro-samples-box-na-super-liit! *waves*. The promise of getting more than your money's worth is hard to ignore but the beauty community heeds to tread carefully...but not with Althea Korea's Trendy Boxes.


What is an Althea Box?

Launched every month to surprise and delight our fans. These boxes are limited edition and limited in stock. They're generally filled with 6 - 11 full-size items ranging from cosmetics to skincare. Althea's Fairy team curates them with a theme in mind. It could be the latest trend from Korea or KBeauty must try. Sold at a killer price, popular boxes can be sold out as soon as it's out. - Althea Korea

Trendy Boxes is a fairly new offering to KBeauty site Althea Korea. These are affordable monthly themed curated boxes with full-sized products with the whole box not going over Php 1500. Actual price of each product when added up can go over as much as 5X the cost of the beauty box. If that isn't a good deal, especially for authentic Korean beauty items shipped straight from Korea, I don't know what is.

Why it's worth it..

1. Value for money
2. Curated box every month

...apart from the standard Althea Korea->Your doorstep shipping and 30-day Returns.

Note : been using it lately, but it's SUPER HOT on the skin. Scrubs nicely though.

What's inside my box?

    1. Mise-en-scene Perfect Serum Treatment
    2. Mise-en-scene Perfect Serum Shampoo
    3. Nature Republic Cooling Hair Pack (Excited to try this!)
    4. Skin & Lab White Vita-C Essence
    5. Clio Pro Eye Palette Quad in Amber Slip
    6. Angel Factory Under-arm White Peeling Perfume (For emergency overnight kits)
    7. The Choute Hot Body Salt Scrub (Literally HOT as in your skin will slightly tingle and heat-up)
    8. W.Lab Foot Peeling Pack
Box worth Php 4,902 for Php 1,487

Have you tried getting these Trendy boxes or Althea in general? What do you think about beauty boxes? Let me know below!


PS. Thanks to Althea (Hi Tammy!) for sending this generous box over! (shipped within 10 days from Korea)

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