Feeling the Parisienne Vibe with Enchanteur Paris

by - 17 March

enchanteur-paris-parisienne-fragrance-launch-la-creperie-0I love me a good fragrance -- whether it's in hand sanitizer form, book or perfume (not so much with skincare though). I wanted to see what this brand was all about seeing as it's inspired by 'the most romantic city in the world' --- Paris and the fact that this will be sold exclusively at Watsons, meaning it's in the affordable range.

Off to La Creperie Salcedo I went for the official launch of Malaysia brand(?), Enchanteur Paris. Walking in, the whole place screamed PARIS. FRANCE. SHABBY CHIC. VALLEY OF FLOWERS FROLICKING AT THE MEADOW TYPE OF HAPPENING. The press kit, the decor, La Creperie in general was the ideal venue for this.

Fragrance Story

“ENCHANTEUR is a range of quality and timeless French inspired fine fragrances and fragrance infused body care products to spark moments of romance at every stage in woman’s wondrous journey of love.” - Enchanteur Paris Website

Here are the four scents of Enchanteur Paris (retails for Php 400) and their notes.

Magique - Apple, Magnolia and Praline --"for the carefree, confident and adventurous"
Belle Amour - Apple Melon, Blackcurrant and Parisian Pink Rose --"for the romantic and sweet"
Mon Amie - Fresh Citrus, Red Apple and Pink Peonies --"for the fun, cheerful and charming"
Adore - Wild Jasmine, Pink Mimosa and Golden Pear --"for the elegant, graceful and adorable"


No Parabens | Non Greasy | No Triclosan | No Alcohol

Aside from their Eau de Toilettes above, they have matching body lotions and hand creams to make your chosen scent last the whole day. The rest of their body range (deos, serum-infused hand creams, body lotions) boasts lasting fragrance apart from having no alcohol and triclosan for their deodorants, no parabens and greasy -feeling for their body lotions and hand creams. I don't know about you but I don't like sticking to every surface that my skin encounters.

Which scent looks interesting to you? Let me know below!


Website : http://enchanteur.com.my/
Watsons : http://www.watsons.com.ph
Watsons Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH

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