Trying the Little Baby Cupcake Underarm Cream

by - 02 February


Long story short : It works.

Read on for more details!
I've been hearing about this cute little Thai 'magic' underarm cream for years now and I finally bit the bullet after my sister told me where to get it, since most online shops (I've seen) are always out-of-stock.

I had no way of knowing if this was genuine or not, I just went with the gut feeling of my sister and slathered on the cream.


No joke. After a week my underarm skin was VISIBLY smoother. The 'chicken-skin' was minimized. So that sealed the deal that this was the real thing. I continued using it until I ran out so this little tub lasted for about 3-4 months. I did use regular deodorant because this doesn't help in that area. For the most part, I used this at night.


As for the whitening claim, it does work but not by much. This product isn't really a bleaching cream nor is it touted as anything close. It did lighten my skin by 2-3 shades so it's still ok.


Set your expectations though, it won't be poreless and it won't be back-of-your-hand smooth. There will still be raised skin because of pores and your hair.

I say give this a try. It's pretty affordable. I believe most sellers price this around 300-400 each. Any more than that is a rip-off. Don't substitute it for your regular deodorant though!

Have you tried this? What underarm creams or thai products have you tried? Let me know below!


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