9 Last Minute Practical Christmas Gift Ideas

by - 23 December

You're rushing. You don't want to stress anymore than you need to. You need a quick gift idea STAT. Here's a list. No time to waste!

1. Plant (Succulents)

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You know those small potted plants that look like toys? Give them to your friend and after a few months ask them again how the plant is doing then base your friendship off of the state of the plant.
Plus they're relatively affordable. Cheapest is around P200.

Perfect for : Office spaces/desks

Where to find : Everywhere


2. Printed Scarf
Printed scarves are a no brainer for your perpetually giniginaw na friend, traveler friend or fasyon friend.

Where to find : Lazada, Zalora and most fast-fashion brands (H&M, Forever21, Bench)

3. Planners

Definitely for someone who collects and/or actually uses planners. This is extremely practical and you have a lot to choose from. From coffee shops to bookstores to online stores.

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Where to find : Starbucks, CBTL, Moonleaf Tea, Bookstores (National Bookstore, Fullybooked, Powerbooks), Jacinto & Lirio, Belle De Jour/BDJ, CNSDesigns/Design Your Life Planner,Filed.com.ph, Muji,

4. Mug/Tumbler
A nice gift for the office friend. Get something that has an interesting design (if they like travelling how about something that features a city/country?) or quote.

Something that reminds you of them or something you've always wanted to tell them maybe?

Where to find: Department stores, Tickled, Novelty stores

6. Baked Goods
Yes food. You cannot go wrong. Make sure you ask them first if they're lactose-intolerant or allergic to anything with love in it.

7. Bottled 'Ulam'
If they're not really the 'sweets/baked goods' kind, this might work better.

8. Charger dock/Earphones
For your boyfriend/girlfriend of only a few months. So it's not too sweet, too 'love-y' or too committal. Steady lang, parang kayo. So please don't get them the CD-R King ones.

9. Gift Certificate
For times na wala ka na talagang choice./You really can't think of anything./ You couldn't care less. You'd rather get them something they want than look at their pretend happy faces when you give them something that will never see the light of day again.

Hope this helped! Or at the very least made you chuckle. Happy Holidays everyone!


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