Elizavecca GOLD-CF NEST White Bomb Eye Cream

by - 09 December

Before December finally comes and bites us in the ass, I wanted to catch up on some backlogs (and I have plenty to go around). 🙏

I have finally decided to review one of the items I got from my last Althea box and it's this huge 30ML Elizavecca "White Bomb Gold-CF Nest" Eye Cream.

Read on for more!


- Excellent moisture sustainability
- Brighter and elastic (Skin?)
- Full of nutritional ingredients

Nutritional ingredients include : Swiftlet Nest Extract, Volufiline and 24K Gold. But what exactly do they help with?

Swiftlet Nest Extract - 30% of CF-Nest Extract which makes skin healthy and 'glossy'. For moisture.

Volufiline - Use of 'France Sedema Volufiline Original' (from France obviously) continuously gives smoother and more elastic skin. For elasticity.

24K Pure Gold - Apparently Cleopatra used gold in her beauty routine. For brightening.

Packaging is A+ and the fact that you get 30ML for Php400 (64%discount). I did see that you're free to use this not only on your under eyes but also on the laugh-lines, forehead and neck. These areas typically show ageing first apart from the hands, which probably explains the huge amount for just an eye cream.

Performance | Experience

It's an emollient cream that spreads easily. It's not tacky nor is it watery. I legitimately feel my under eyes are 'smoothed-over' whenever I use this. As for the whitening I see no difference but for moisturization it does a really good job. This is pretty similar in texture and performance with my Freshel one. Although that one feels slightly heavier and remains a little tacky even after a while.

So far it's worked well under makeup, I just make sure to put on less than a pea-sized amount for both eyes.

For the amount and value for money, I say get this if you're looking for just any old regular moisturizing eye cream. If you want more targeted care like say something with retinol? Skip this.

Get this eye cream at Althea.

What eye cream do you use? Any KBeauty (skincare) lovers out there?


Further reading : http://www.xojane.com/beauty/do-eye-creams-actually-work

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