What's inside my Althea Birthday Box!

by - 10 August

Althea's first birthday has ended and with it the promos, freebies and special birthday sales. I hope you snagged a few items and took advantage of the rebates, 1+1, contests and freebies last month! Althea always has great discounts and other promos going on anyway so no big deal if you didn't.

If you're curious as to what I got (c/o Althea Korea) during, read on to find out :)

Just a few things I really wanted to try.

I got most from the It's My Brush & Puff line. I was always looking for cheap and good air puffs and Althea had the cheapest ones I've found (It's My Cushion Puff P40/ea).
Also got the It's My Cushion Case Sponge (P40/ea) which is the "cushion" part of the cushion compacts where the base is soaked in.

I feel like this It's My Carve Foundation brush (P180) is made out of natural hair. As you can see there are uneven strands sticking out and it is a tiny bit scratchy for me. Apparently it's for base products as the curves are meant to hug the cheeks, jaw etc. But I got it for contouring obviously.

Missha BB Boomer P450, a highlighting base/primer that boosts BB cream's adherence to the skin. As well as providing moisture and anti-aging benefits.

Elizavecca Gold CF Nest White Bomb Eye Cream P400, another product that boasts 24K gold 'for brightening' in its ingredients apart from the CF-Nest Extract (Golden Swallow Nest Extract) for moisture and Sederma Volufiline for elasticity. It also has Niacinamide (aka Vitamin B3/Nicotinic Acid), a well-known ingredient in many anti-aging products. source

Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow in Dark Brown and Gray Brown P150/ea. I didn't have pencils anymore and my sister too so I got these as they were said to be similar to the Etude House ones that most beauty enthusiasts like in the beauty sphere. A little soft for my liking though I can tell you that now.

2 freebie Innisfree serums!

Have you taken advantage of the Bday Sale? Which do you want me to talk about first? Let me know! :)



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