What is "Sugaring" and 3 Reasons Why You Should Try It

by - 27 August

Sugaring is essentially sugar waxing (or using sugar for epilation/ hair removal) and has been around for a long long time, think 1900 BC. It's also known as Sukkar or Halawa in the Middle East as Agda in Turkey and Moum in Iran.

I've been getting my sugar wax fix at Whipped Salon (BGC branch) if you've been following my Instagram or blog you'd know that they use all-natural sugar for all of their services. Now, what's so special about sugar waxing anyway?

1. Sugar is Hypoallergenic
Sugar in itself is hypoallergenic, so if you're someone who's allergic to regular wax at waxing salons you should try out sugar waxing at least once.

2. Sugaring is generally more gentle than regular wax
Now there are two ways you can do sugar waxing. One is the liquid hot/warm one wherein you still need a strip of cloth to pull out the hair and a hard but malleable 'taffy-like' sugar (this is what Whipped Salon uses)

Since sugar is soluble in water and typically used cold, it's easier to avoid burns and and getting the skin caught (you know how that feels like). Wax can be drying too and you typically need and oil barrier between the wax and skin.

3. Sugar is a natural exfoliant and skin softener
I mean you probably all know this. It's a given because of its texture. Try it with regular brown sugar as a body scrub. Your skin will be feeling softer, smoother and more supple (as if you applied lotion) after you step out of the shower.

If you're interested I'll be leaving links below for further reading and the waxing salon I go to.


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