3 Must-try Restaurants in Pampanga

by - 23 July

Please give a warm welcome to Glenn Domingo who will be giving us a list of restaurants to try! So if you ever find yourself hungry in Pampanga read on! - CJ

There will always be a satisfying feeling when it comes to Pampanga food trip. Known as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, Pampanga is a haven for foodies. You will be impressed how Kapampangans make their dishes special, which paves way for people to explore Pampanga even more. Of course, foodies like you should enjoy the Kampampangan's signature dishes. However, if this is your first time traveling to Pampanga, we list down the top three restaurants you should try before heading back home.

abe's farm.jpg

Abe's Farm

If you are looking for a home cooked meal, then you should head over to Abe's Farm. It is located at the foothills of Mt. Arayat and is owned and managed by the LJC (Larry J. Cruz - Founder) Restaurant group. The name "Abe" is a Kapampangan term for 'Friend". You will definitely feel at home due to its several dining areas that feature bamboo and antique wood furnishings.

fried frog
( exotic dish Betute -- deep fried farm frogs )

Abe's Farm usually serves Filipino dishes such as Binukadkad na Pla-Pla (huge tilapia that's butterflied and deep fried). They also serve exotic dish such as Betute (deep fried farm frogs stuffed with minced pork). You should also try their signature dessert, which is the vanilla ice cream with a twist of fresh mangoes and sticky rice. Of course, there also serve different food of your choice. You can visit Abe's Farm daily except Tuesday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

historic camalig.jpg

Historic Camalig Restaurant

It is not all the times you can experience a vintage resto, right? However, visiting Historic Camalig Restaurant allows you to go back to the old times, where you can experience sitting on old furnishings, iron window grills, adobe walls, and wood trusses. The restaurant will give you an "old world charm" where guest would love to go back again and again. Moreover, the restaurant is set on an adaptively re-used century-old camalig or rice granary.

( Armando’s Best Pizza )

Of course, the place is not just known to have a retro ambiance but also for its delectable Kapampangan Pizzas. Their best selling Armando's Best Pizza is named after its maker, Armando of Angles City's Nepomuceno clan. You will enjoy its crust that has a perfect crisp with heavy toppings of pepperoni, ground beef, green pepper, mushroom, Canadian bacon, and lots of cheese. And do not forget their Kamias shake. It is their specialty drink made from fresh kamias. If you are a pizza lover, never miss visiting the Historic Camalig Restaurant, located at Angles City Pampanga, Philippines. They are open Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 12:00 and Sunday from 10;00am to 12:00 mn.

Binulo Restaurant

If you want to try the traditional way of cooking food, then Binulo Restaurant is best for you. The name "Binulo" comes from the indigenous Aeta's way of traditional cooking with fresh bamboo stalked called "bulo". Known for its authentic Kapampangan cuisines that are made using this process, Binulo Restaurant has been a favorite place among locals, tourists, and balikbayans.

pangat na ulang.jpg
   ( Pangat na Ulang -- Binulo Restaurant’s best seller )

Of course, do not miss their specialty dishes such as Pangat na Ulang (prawns that are boiled in sour broth and poured inside the bamboo stalk where it was cooked). Aside from the juicy, tender, flavorful and sour broth, you will also be impressed how the dish is presented well. You should also try their Binukadkad na Hito (Filleted fresh catfish that's deep-fried), and Sisig (Kapampangan signature dish made from pig's head, cheeks, and ears, mixed with liver, onions, and other species). The Binulo Restaurant is located at Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga Philippines. They are open Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Yes, there are actually a lot of restaurants in Pampanga you should not miss to visit. However, if you are looking for an authentic and a new set of ambiance, then you should try these three restaurants above and enjoy deliciously served meals.

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