What to Wear to a Music Festival | Coachella and Wanderrland Outfit Inspiration

by - 20 April

No flower crowns, hippie headbands and Doc Martens here (I love Doc Martens though).

Music festivals are where fashion-rule-breakers come out to play. Where else can you expect to wear something outrageous and not get judging stares? Feather boa + boots? Go for it!

For the past few music festivals there have been onslaughts of flower crowns, daisy dukes, feathers and flash tattoos. Not that they're ugly or bad (I like daisy dukes and flower crowns myself), maybe it's the rebel in me, but they can get boring and uninteresting especially if every other person's wearing them.

A great way to keep the hair out of the face and keep your scalp from frying under the blaring hot sun is by using a scarf/turban or bandana. The flowy shift dress and gladiator sandals all tie-in with the rest of the accessories.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the prints, retro shades and bright lippie combo here? Love the clogs/mary-janes too.

 A shift cotton dress is a welcome alternative to the shorts + tee combo. Easy to put on. Easy to take off. The fringe bag and the cowboy hat take center stage to this beautiful blank canvas,
The black mid-riff off shoulder and whitewash almost white jean shorts. The black booties. The choker. The shades. That cute kitty purse. THE FRINGE! This outfit is definitely frolick-appropriate. Your feet won't hate you at the end of the day and you can run-around and dance without worrying. I'd tie my hair up though because it is unbelievable hot and humid here right now in the Philippines.
Again reminiscent the this whole look including the hair is very 70's vibe. Blue and brown can do no wrong.
The peasant lace blouse is reminiscent of the ye olden times as well as the 70's with the button-fly denim shorts and "fanny-pack" but adding the milkmaid braids and very stylish mirror shades keeps it grounded in this century.

This is everything. The hair. The colour-block. The two-piece. The "Hawaiian" print. The shoes. The sunnies. On point ladies. On point.

My personal style is echoed here and if you can guess all of them feature cotton or lightweight fabrics in easy to move/dance around cuts/styles. I mean it is a music festival, you're expected to at least dance a few times. And as most music festivals are won't to do, you're going to probably be outside in the blaring heat all the way to night so comfort is key.

But like I said comfort is key, so feel free to rock a tank/tee and jeans. I mean after all you're there to enjoy good music (and good company) which you don't necessarily have to dress up for (if you look cute while doing it, that's always a plus. No judgement here) :)


Images via whowhatwear.com

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