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by - 04 April

Ah, FS Cosmetics. Makeup Artists' favorite local brand in the Philippines and many a beauty enthusiast's "right-of-passage" product.

It's usually one of the brands that makeup users / lovers here start with on their journey to makeup because of it's affordability, no-nonsense approach and efficacy.

Well they're back at it again with a rebrand : new name, new packaging, new formula and new products.
I was privy to the relaunch of FS Cosmetics / Features & Shades Cosmetics at last month's beauty rendezvous at this adorable-kitschy-urban-cool-looking bar + cafe.
Visit this cafe + bar when you get the chance!
The house was full of beauty bloggers, online influencers and cameramen tuning-in to the history of FS.
FS Assistant GM and Owner/GM answering the audience's burning questions about the formula and ingredients.
Owner & GM Edmon Ngo, revealing to us that their curlers, rival that of an internationally known Asian curler brand (care to guess which one?) and how to know if your curler is good quality. (psst check for screws under the pad)

I currently own one of these, and they don't pinch my eyes unlike the generic curlers I've tried before.
The makeup artist Yciar Castillo also did a live demo of  FS's products and relating to us that the concealer (and 2-way cake ?) is virtually waterproof once set and blended in.

No forealz, she even did a water (then tissue) test to prove it!
Amazing colour selection for Feature & Shade's eye shadow singles, now with matte packaging. You're also free to mix & match four shades and place it in a sleek matte palette.
These gorgeous bullets (reminiscent of MAC's Viva Glam line) are from their Nude Lipstick collection. They come in matte and creamy finishes.

And based on my swatch, they're very decently pigmented. The bullet themselves have a nice weight to them. Definitely doesn't feel "cheap" or "unsturdy". And I can say that for all of the products I've seen there.
left to right : swatches of three of the Nude Lipsticks, FS True Light Liquid Lipsticks (which come in glossy and demi-matte finishes) and the wide range of colours of FS's lipsticks.
The "Loose Powder Brush" or stippling brush which you can use for both liquids and powders, compacts or loose and dense Slanted Concealer Brush both brushes piqued my interest at the rendezvous.
FS kindly gave me a kit with some of their best-sellers and new products. Do you see the primer?

I'll be testing these out more but if you're interested here are my first impressions on some of them.

  • Mascarade Volumizing Mascara - Natural-volume. Doesn't sting. The formula is a little wet. I want to see if it'll change in a few weeks since I like drier formulas more.
  • FS Primer - Pore-filling silicone primer. Similar to Benefit's Porefessional, even the colour. It beads/bunches up as you rub it but it disappears eventually. No particular feelings about this yet.
  • FS Powder Blushes with Vit. E - GET THESE. THESE ARE GOOD. They come in matte and shimmery shades. The packaging is still glossy though, would've liked it if it were the same with the rest of the products with the matte black. I have mine in twinkle tan and it's a beautiful brown-tawny colour. Beautiful. Swatch it when you get the chance.
  • FS Loose Powder Brush - Love it. If you're looking for a stippling / duo fiber brush brush this'll do. This type of brush is very versatile in my opinion.
  • FS Single Eyeshadow in Ash Bronze - Smooth and very pigmented. True to the name it's an ashy type cool-toned brown.
  • FS Luscious Lipstick in Matte Brick - Gorgeous "push" packaging like how the Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks open. Smooth. Matte. Amazing colour pay-off and no strong "old-timey lipstick" smell.
fs-features-and-shades-cosmetics-rebrand-relaunch-beauty-rendezvouz-14With the packaging, [supposed] formula upgrade, line extension and new product inclusions it's safe to say that Features & Shades is really coming-in for the kill in terms of playing with other local and international brands available in the market —whether they be drugstore, mid-range or high-end. I can't wait to see what else they have in store. :)

Have you tried this brand? How about the new products from FS?


PS. I can't confirm the formula upgrade since I don't have the "old" products in my possession.
PPS. Makeup Artist Fanny Serrano's contract with FS ended in 2011 explaining the name change. FS is owned by Cosmetics Revelation Corporation.

Website : http://www.fscosmetics.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FS-Cosmetics
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fscosmetics/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/FSCosmetics

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