Lip Tattoos or Lip Tint Packs Review | A must try?

by - 26 March

Spoiler alert : Save your coin.

I mentioned this lip tint pack in the past - here and here. Long story short, my curiosity got the better of me and since it wasn't that expensive I gave it a try.

A lip tint pack/tint mask is a peel-off mask for your lips. You deposit the colour straight from the tube (don't use your fingers) wait a few minutes, peel it off then voila, lightly tinted lips.

Now these are relatively cheap no matter where you buy them. One tube definitely shouldn't be over $13 for something you only want to try out because it's so gimmicky. Although brands vary in price point, there's always a cheaper brand selling this. Case in point- Secret Key.

lip-tint-tattoo-lip-tint-pack-secret-key-chubby-jelly-review-3Secret Key Chubby Jelly Tint Pack 15g - Plum Purple

Consistency | Scent | Color | Usage

The price however cheap is not proportional to how much is inside and how much you need to apply each time. You need to apply a thick layer on the lips so that when you peel it off the colour is even. So 15g won't last a long time.

Waiting time for this is also too long. Before you peel it off it should be completely touch-dry and that takes around 5 - 10 minutes depending on how much you put on and if you're in a cool/dry place.


It has a candy-like sweet scent to it. No discernable taste though. The colour stated is "Plum Purple" but in reality it's more off a purple-based cherry pink.

I don't find it particularly drying but if you have excess skin on your lips this will get caught in it when the time comes for the tint to be peeled-off.


Conclusion | Final Thoughts

It's just not worth it : The waiting time. The amount VS. price. A regular tint works just as well and stays on the lips just as long. This one also fades a little when eating and drinking. Same as any old affordable tint from roadshop brands like Etude, Tony Moly and Missha. (Note: If applied full-on, in a thick layer it will last really long through eating and drinking, but application waiting time will be brutal. Haha Unless you're in front of a fan)

If you just want to try it for the heck of it. Go ahead. But it's not really a must-have for me. I got this from Mei Satsuki (Facebook) I think.

Have you tried this? If you haven't would you try it?


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