20 Thoughts About the Pacquiao — Gays Are Worse Than Animals Issue

by - 18 February

1. People are free to practice whichever religion they want. (1) (2) (3) (4)

2. You're not supposed to impose or talk about your opinion on your religion or a certain religion/s with anyone. It's typically a thorny path to burned bridges. (1) (2)

3. People are free to express their own opinion or views on things (to a legal degree I suppose).

4. Not everyone is kind, loving and open-minded —Some hate, demean and/or degrade people. (Pretty sure you're not supposed to do that in any religion, but I could be wrong. Anyone?)

5. If you're to follow the bible completely you wouldn't be able to live as you do now in our modern society. (If you're menstruating you're impure! If someone touches you-hand etc.- while you're menstruating then they become impure!)

6. People like to nitpick what's in the bible. (Gays are bad!...but so are a million other things but let's ignore that.)

7. What consenting adults do behind closed-doors (i.e. their bedroom. i.e. sex) is a private matter and should be of no concern to the public other than those involved.

8. Likening people who are gay to animals (or rather worse than animals) is derogatory, bigoted, unkind and uncompassionate.

9. Science (and life) has already proven that animals engage in "gay" sex for pleasure and/or companionship. (1) (2) (3)

10. Being in a position of influence (i.e. politician) tends to mean you look at things in a legal manner not religious manner. (i.e. Separation of Church and State but hey who does that ever in the PH?)

See YouTuber Philip DeFranco's thoughts about the issue in the video below.

Let's talk about Manny Pacquiao saying "gay people are worse than animals."Because WOW...
Posted by Philip DeFranco on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

11. The LGBTQ community with their friends and families are asking for the legal unions. No religion involved necessary. (but if you're okay with it, which I sincerely doubt, that's good too.)

12. Not giving them (LGBTQ) legal rights, as you would other "straight" couples, is dehumanizing and extremely prejudiced against a certain group. (and not to mention bad...just in case you forgot)

13. Being attracted to the same sex does not make you any less of a human being.

14. Saying (or Acting like) that other people are beneath you (non "straight" people) and do not deserve the same rights you have solely based on what sex they find attractive is idiotic to the highest degree.

15. The bible is literally hundreds of years old and should have no bearing in a progressive, fair and modern society.

16. Religion was made by man. (I mean that's pretty self-explanatory in itself but if you need help- here )

17. You shouldn't be wary of people without religion, you should be wary of people who need religion to be good. (I rely on my conscience to do good and be kind. Maybe some people would be lost and turn to illegal activities if their religion were to cease to exist?)

18. A lot (not all) in the bible is degrading and unfair towards women (1) (2) (3)

19. The bible were stories made by people, hundreds of years ago and were deleted, translated, interpreted, rearranged and edited by other people over time. (1)

20. How do you expect to be civilized human beings when you ostracize others for not liking the same things as you? (Are we in Kindergarten? Di tayo bati pag ayaw mo laruan ko!)

I still respect Manny for his craft and his dedication to boxing. He's an amazing boxer no doubt about that. He has represented the Philippines and has often brought us immense pride with his great passion for boxing. And I will probably continue to support him as the boxer, but I cannot upon my good conscience support him when he said that. (Read I have not lambasted nor persecuted him. I respect his religion as I respect any man's religion. I cannot force someone to like something I like. I heard his apology, whether it was sincere or not it was given when it was due and I appreciate it. But I cannot unhear his words and more importantly the words of others who think gay people should be 'converted' by knowing God. Conversion therapy anyone?.)

I know that it's not new. The super-religious-guy-says-something-against-homosexuals is not new. These are just my thoughts. I have no hate towards Catholicism, Christianity or any other religion (unless that religion is reaally messed-up) and no ill will towards people who practice certain religions. I respect yours and I only urge you to keep an open mind and do the same. *sips hot chocolate*


PS. Malamang merong mga pilosopo at sasabihing pano yung mga rapists, pedophiles, mamamatay-tao, magnanakaw etc. Malamang masama yon.
PPS. Civil unions (you know the ones not in church?) help couples with legal benefits in healthcare, insurance, tax breaks and other rights befitting a spouse.
PPPS. But aren't we ALL animals in this world? *thinks deeply while massaging feet*
PPPPS. If you practice any religion (or none) and you do good, help and are kind to other people regardless of their social status, sexual preference, education, race, economic standing etc. then I think you're an amazing human and keep doing what you're doing!

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