Glam21 Chok 2x Lip Tint Gloss Review : Lip balm + Lip Gloss + Lip stick + Lip tint Hybrid

by - 22 January

I have a new product to showcase for you guys today and it's the Glam 21 One Shot!!! (Chok)2 Lip Tint Gloss. That's Chok-Chok by the way, if you're wondering how to say the name.As most of you probably know Korean beauty in general aims for that really dewy almost wet/oily kind of complexion and that doesn't exclude the lips.

Glam 21 (a brand by Coswel Korea), I confess, is a brand I haven't heard of before despite being the avid K-beauty consumer that I am. Good thing Trixie of  AboutFace.Ph (formerly Purple Tags PH ) contacted me for a collaboration aaaand poof that's how you make coco crunch.


From what I've seen from glam21's site it's a little more up there in price compared to let's say Etude or Holika Holika and I believe it's a direct competitor to another Korean brand —3CE (3 Concept Eyes) which is very well known in Asia already. They both kind of have the same sleek all-black packaging with just text going on. 3CE's more expensive though.


The cardboard it came in is made from recycled materials as evidenced by the recycle logo on the cardboard box —awesome! Onto the tube itself and to the most interesting part.


It looks like a typical (pretty with the ombre effect going) sturdy lipstick tube at first glance but upon closer inspection there's a slanted sponge tip at the top with a hole in the middle instead of the usual cream stick. To get the product out you twist-up the bottom part of the tube, as you would a liquid pen concealer, until the liquid lip colour is pushed out onto the sponge-tip.

I think it's designed well. I've never seen a product like this before. Tints that I've used and seen from all other brands have the doe-foot wand type of packaging or the marker type but not this. I quite like the quirkiness of it. One point for Korean packaging.



Whole In ONE!!!-
It provides long-lasting while keeping lips moisture and shine. Lips stay moist and protected. You can get 3 POINTS from the tint, lip stick, lip gloss AT ONCE!!! - Glam21 (Coswel Korea)

According to the description it's essentially a moisturizing liquid lipstick with a very glossy finish. And I agree. It's extremely pigmented (almost neon-like) economical (you only need a little) and lasts through eating. (still fades a little like other Korean tints I've used)

It's also non-drying and keeps my lips supple but I wouldn't say it can replace your standard hydrating lip balm.

NOTE : As a rule of thumb it's better to exfoliate your lips regularly and always drink a lot of water before you apply any lip colour.


I don't like orange-based reds or plain orange on my lips because it makes my teeth SUPER yellow. I avoid it as much as possible so I use the Scarlet Orange strictly as a light tint.


The consistency is thicker than most lip tints. The latter would usually be watery and thin so I would really classify this as a liquid lipstick. It doesn't have any fragrance in the ingredients (so hurrah for those who don't like fragrance in their cosmetics). But it does smell like talc and wax which is part of the ingredient list. So if you're anticipating a sweet or candy-like scent (and taste) that other tints typically have you'll be surprised with this one. By no means is it bad smelling, strong or overwhelming , some people might just dislike baby powder-scented cosmetics.

I wear this as a tint and tap it on my lips rather than apply it full-on. I prefer the stained look if I'm using tints, but you can definitely increase pigmentation by gradually applying more. Don't glop on a thick layer on the onset because it remains emollient throughout the day and will probably just move around your face if you don't use a lip liner or lip coat. It's not sticky like a gloss though so don't worry.

One other thing to note is that they're cruelty-free which is great news. I know for sure Amore Pacific is completely cruelty-free. Other brands though are aren't 100% verified. This chok-chok tint gloss retails for Php 899 (3.8g / 20g with bullet) and I believe it comes in 4 colours but the site only has these two shades as of the moment. The other two are a soft coral-nude-pink and a red.


If you're looking for a tint that's as pigmented as a lipstick, light and non-drying, check it out. Plus points for being cruelty-free too. One can argue that it's a little steeper than most affordable Korean tints for sure, but still within reason especially if the tech, packaging and ingredients behind it are high-end and high-quality.

Skip if you like sweet / floral-scented cosmetics or don't care much about cruelty-free products.

What do you think of the packaging and the shades? Isn't it nice that a lot more Korean brands are accessible to us now?


PS.I read that there are a tonne of other beauty brands in Korea that hasn't reached international exposure unlike Laneige, IOPE, Etude, Tony Moly and Missha to name a few.

PPS. Chok-chok is a term used when something (in reference to your or someone's skin or lips) looks dewy, shiny, plump and moist. Like really glowy, bouncy and healthy-looking.


It's a new online store / brand that sell from the obscure to the well-known products to beauty lovers especially the Korean beauty addicts in the Philippines. You can check out their products on their website or Zalora!

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