What's been eating me lately Vol 7

by - 12 December

Watching Just watched
Inside Out. Oh my God did anyone else get teary-eyed (or made silent waterfalls?) because I was trying so hard not to let my tears fall. Damn good movie. The morose parts for me definitely went over my younger siblings' heads. I can't wait for them to watch this again when they're significantly older. (I think it's an eldest child syndrome. Or just an older sibling thing.)

Listening to
Justin Beiber's Purpose and Selena Gomez' Revival.
Yeah I know. But they both have been making some pretty stellar tunes lately.

Purpose has a more house/techo "dance" type of beat to most of the songs and is definitely a more personal and introspective album. The lyrics are deep and mature.

Revival is a bit more varied when it comes to the sound, but Selena's voice is showcased in all her songs. They finally figured out that her voice works well with sultry and not too complicated when it comes to notes. Also has some pretty personal lyrics and great dance beats.


Selena Gomez - Revival

  • Good For You
  • Camouflage
  • Sober
  • Same Old Love
  • Hands To Myself (Sexy club sounds + Quiet sensual whisper-singing)
  • Me & The Rhythm (Has a very 80's feel. So freaking good.)
  • Survivors 
  • Rise (The talking bits reminds me strongly of early 2000 songs)
  • Me & My Girls (Sexy Strong "Girl" Anthem. "Hispanic" vibes.)
  • Perfect (Slow beat. For that ex who's moved on to another woman.)

Justin Beiber - Purpose

  • I'll Show You
  • What Do You Mean?
  • Sorry
  • Love Yourself
  • Company
  • No Pressure
  • The Feeling (Like a Do I love you? or Do I love "love"? kind of vibe)
  • Where Are You Now
  • Children (Youth Anthem. Excellent dance beat.)
  • Purpose (Great slow "ballad".With clips of Justin's very insightful monologue.)
  • Been You

Breakfast with Scot
...Or bought a new book with the intention of reading it. I couldn't put it down at the store when I read the first few pages. I had to get it. I'm not usually into memoirs or biographies but this just rings my Feminist, LGBQT-supportive and "fuck-gender-norms" heart.

Read other people's reviews and the book's summary - Goodreads

This update post.

For the clarity of mind to vote for best person for the Presidential seat. If not I feel like I wouldn't vote at all.

For a big change career-wise before this December ends. *Offers up hair to gods.*

How about them people running for congress eh? For curiosity's sake who are you voting for? (Any position)


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