What's been eating me lately : Merry Christmas! You filthy animal.

by - 27 December

Happy Holidays! Hope you had a satisfying Christmas. Whether it was boisterous or a quiet affair or you prefer to skip over the occasion for reasons, it's all good. As long as you're happy. For me personally, it was the same as last year. Kids running around. The teens grouping in one corner. The parentals catching up/cooking/watching. Me and my sister - on the sofas. We did the get-together a couple of days earlier, so by Christmas eve I was pretty much over it.

And the brooding/anxiety/pity party in my head starts anew.

Let's take in the fact that it's a few more days 'til the new year. Days. DAYS. That fact is eating my brains out because life + career + expectations + reality isn't all what I had in mind by this time of the year. Sigh.

Listening to
The Weeknd's new drops.

Breakfast with Scot. I will get to it swear.

The end of the year fly by.

The cool nights.

Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming
********** *** ****** ***** ****
It's a secret. I decided to go the superstitious route this time. Talking and writing about it before hasn't made anything materialize so...

How was your Christmas? Get anything you really wanted?


PS. The post title was a reference to an old movie, shown in the movie Home Alone.

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