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by - 18 December


Eating healthily, consuming mostly vegetables and seafood, reading labels and steering clear of processed food has been an easy enough switch for me since my whole family made the change as a whole. I do indulge in the occasional bag of chip and (rare) artificially flavored drink (when I do I just take a glass at most). But switching to organic and natural based skincare products can be a challenge. I know it was for me (still struggling a little) regarding underarm deodorants.

But when you realize how much toxins are in those heavily advertised fragrant shampoos and feminine washes you wouldn't think twice about switching too.


Think about it, those chemicals (mostly carcinogenic*) present in your shampoo, deodorant, cleanser, body wash, intimate wash etc. seep into the pores of your skin and whilst you don't get sick instantaneously and you might argue that some of these do get washed-out by our sweat and pee, there will be remnants. These remnants build-up over time and accumulate to a more alarming level.

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I'm proud to say that most of my skincare is either organic and/or natural/natural-based. I still do use some that aren't "hippy-flower-earth-child-approved" only because they're what works for me currently and it's hard on my sensitive skin if I change up everything all at once.


One of the brands that I've been patronizing this year has released new limited edition products and they've kindly sent me some to try out!



The shampoo is very runny and yes doesn't lather up, like the "traditional" ones but this fact is true for most organic/natural shampoos. It smells refreshingly zesty though.

The conditioner on the other hand doesn't have the slip silicone-based conditioners have so don't expect it to be "hagod-like" and silky-smooth.

Despite those things I like them because my scalp still gets a thorough cleansing especially from all the other hair care products I've used on it days prior. I haven't physically seen a big difference but just knowing that these are organic and natural (plus I haven't had any bad reactions) and that I'm lessening the toxins my body absorbs puts me in a mindful and introspective place.

Household names of mosquito creams typically contain DEET an effective insect repellant as well as a solvent than can dissolve plastic, spandex and nail polish. It can also cause birth defects, which is why infants aren't advised to use mosquito repellants on their body.

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Don't forget your vaginas! Very happy that the Blossom intimate spray (here) now has a wash counterpart in Bloom.

I quite like the new additions. I'm slowly but surely progressing towards all natural everything and these are a pretty good start. Maybe they'll add toothpaste next? Maybe some cosmetics?

If you have questions about the brand and their products just go to their Facebook page or use their website's contact form here!


PS. Would you switch to all-natural skincare and makeup? I don't know if I can make the switch with makeup tbh. I like makeup too much in general.

*carcinogenic - any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer.

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