My first Blogapalooza

by - 03 November

I was actually contemplating on whether I'll put up my experience for my first blogapalooza. Mainly because I was a tad bit underwhelmed. (Excuse the blurry photos, I decided to leave my heavy camera behind and settled for my phone.)

Blogapalooza "Seasons" was this year's Blogapalooza theme. It was held at One Esplanade, Pasay (Near Mall of Asia) and was dubbed the biggest one yet.

I couldn't deny that there were quite a number of big brands/companies like Cebu Pacific, Food Panda, Ace Water Spa/Hotels, Chips Delight, Flawless, Sogo and Victoria Court, just to name a few.

And there were a couple of well-thought-out booths and interactive booth owners. (Hello Manong's Lechon Cebu, Snipe, Flawless, Dr. Kong, Fragrance Factory, Hotel Quickly, Curves, Ginhawa Spa & Dining and Food Panda!)

I was still left feeling a tiny tiny tiny bit disappointed. I did read a couple of blog posts about other people's experiences. And they were all very positive. I was thinking maybe there were time slots wherein the booths became more engaging. I also heard about the past blogapaloozas wherein the brands/companies gave out real samples and/or certificates to actually check out their companies and experience it first-hand. 

The Ginhawa booth gave out 1 minute or was it 45 second?( I don't remember anymore. I was too relaxed by the massage.) massages complete with a legit massage chair. Their booth design (and model) resonated with their whole "Old World Filipinas" brand.

Our lunch saviour - Bagwings - courtesy of Food Panda. We had to wait for an hour for our food (this was the only food truck there) but it was well worth it. The food lost its warmth by the time we got to eat it though so flavor and experience was a little compromised. But keep in mind they're not shy with the portions. The Bagwings that I got had a noticeable-sized bagnet and a couple of wings.They didn't give out just one wing and a few measly slices of pork. They were (in my opinion) just the right amount in the set meal. The meat as soft too. It wasn't stringy nor was it gamey.

Food Panda had the biggest and had the most games etc. Bringing the mascot was definitely a good idea as people were asking for selfies left and right. Apart from having Bagwings as the lunch sponsor they also had french fry and fishball/squidball food carts.

One main gripe about my experience was that a lot of the booths required you to like/post/share/download something over the internet and I didn't get to fully utilize that because my data decided to not work in that part of the city and the wi-fi available wasn't really reliable. It didn't let me connect at all. You would suppose this one thing would be the most streamlined because all the booths required bloggers to do something over the net. Hmm.

And since I blog primarily about beauty and anything regarding beauty I didn't see a lot of booths regarding that. Flawless and Curves sure, but what about makeup and skincare brands?

Thanks still to all the organizers for the free event though!

Will I attend next year? Maybe. And that's a big maybe.


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