Gift Ideas Under PHP 200 for that Beauty Lover in your life

by - 26 November

It's almost the most wonderful time of the year or as the popular Christmas jingle goes. But it's not always wonderful when you're doing last-minute shopping and a budget to strictly follow.

Someone wants this. This one wants that. As much as you'd like to make it rain Aquino's and as much as you want to say "I really love being a godparent to 20+ people I can hardly remember the names of." you've got to economize.

Maybe there's that secret santa thing with a set budget or you'd like to mix and match stuff under a certain amount or maybe you're really scrimping, which is totally okay! It's really the thought that counts! 

Here are some gift ideas under PHP 200 for that beauty lover in your life!
Manila Philippine Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


You don't have to shell out 1K+++ for that brush set which have 2-3 brushes that look exactly the same. Opt for single brushes that come even under Php 100. You can ask them what they don't have in their collection. Maybe you can snoop around (or ask someone to) to check their brush stash and check which one's are missing from their collection.

Where to find the cheap AND good ones. : The Landmark, Watson's (Marrionaud brand), ELF counters and BeautyCosmetics.

Note : Get two pieces at least (I mean they're less than Php 100). You might have to shell out a little more for the big brushes though.
Manila Philippine Sheet mask Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


These sheet masks— that pack nutrients, vitamins and other beautiful things are quite affordable and just a couple of these in a bag would be very appreciated. There are a lot of variants for specific facial needs. If you don't know which ones to get — it doesn't matter. Get a couple and call it a day. These are like beauty versions of the (extremely typical and doesn't require a lot of thought) chocolates/stuffed animal (you/they get) when you don't know what to get someone.

Where to find : Watson's (Sometimes they have buy 2 get 1 for Php 40/ea), Innisfree (Carried by, Tony Moly and Rucy's Vanity (Php 35).

Manila Philippine Snail Aloe Gel Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

This Made in Korea all-over gel is a good buy for that Korea-obsessed / K-Beauty lover. A lot of Korean brands carry some sort of Aloe or Snail gel in their line and most of them are still pretty affordable (Tony Moly around Php 300 and Nature Republic for Php 250) but this one is at Php 399 for both, making it around Php 200 each.

Where to find : Watson's. Literally everything's there. They also have gift sets with beautiful boxes you don't need to wrap anymore. Score! K-beauty sites like w2beauty, sokoglam and wishtrend also have them but the prices vary especially if they have special deals going on

Note: The first ingredient is alcohol. I haven't tried this yet personally (but my sister has and she loves it) but I am wary because of said ingredient. The last aloe gel I've tried also had alcohol but it didn't dry my skin out so I'm hoping these won't either.

Manila Philippine Lip Ice Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

Whether they're teeny-boppers (or adults) starting out with makeup or full-fledged beauty addicts, lip balms are essential to avoid those crusty lips. Tinted ones are just a notch higher from the clear ones to give that little hint of color and these two are really good. I've tried the Maybelline Baby lips (starts at around Php 80) and Lip Ice Water Colour (around Php 150) and the both give an adequate amount of color (some Baby Lips can come across as lipsticks because of their strong pigment) while still making my lips smooth and supple.

Where to find : Watson's for both. Baby lips can also be found at Supermarkets and Drugstores.


A lipstick is pretty typical and dare I say a standard gift to get but getting them a liquid one is a little more out of the box. And getting these might even earn you a "Oh hey! You're up to date with the trends."

These come in matte and creamy/glossy finishes. MeNow (matte) costs around Php 150 while the LA Girl Glaze Lip Paint (glossy) is around Php 299 at malls. I did find a store that sells them cheaper though ---> here for Php 198.

Where to find MeNow : Online stores like Mei Satsuki ---cheapest MeNow I've seen(Facebook) and BeautyMnl.
Manila Philippine Sponges Dupe Beauty Blender Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend

You might've heard them talk about the "Beauty Blender" (or you might've heard the term yourself). This little marshmallow look-a-like costs a fortune (around Php 1000) when you think about it being just a small sponge. But I swear to the gods these make my foundations blend like a "dream".

Cheaper dupes are abound wherever though so don't fret. Forever21, San San / HBC, BYS, Watson's, ebay,  etc etc etc carry them.

The cheapest ones I've found (and that work well) are from The Landmark (again lots of things to look at there) and Daiso (also a great store for those little knick-knacks). They're Php 89 and Php 88 respectively.

Manila Philippine Lashes Lash set Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Your homegirl/boy that likes to experiment with looks or is a makeup artist would absolutely love these in their kits. What to get though are the fluttery and soft ones that don't look like plastic. A good pair can cost around Php 200 - Php 300, but there are sets with 2, 3 or 10 that would make a pair around Php 80-100.

Where to get :,, eBay, Lazada, Watson's, Nichido and The Landmark. If they'd like some more famous, YouTuber approved US brands like Red Cherry, Ardell or Kiss look at , BeautyMnl and Lazada which sell them starting at Php 150/pair.


Literally the only brand and line I know of that has decent mascara under Php 200 (this is Php 199 but some stores might still have it on sale for Php 150). I do particularly like Nichido's Color Eyes - perfect for sparse lashes and Shawill's Curling Mascara for separation and length, both are priced well under Php 200.

Where to find : Watson's and Department stores.

Manila Philippine Shawill Contour Powder Perfect Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Seeing as contouring is now a huge thing here in the PH (thanks to foreign YouTubers) local brands like Shawill have jumped the bandwagon and this particular powder (Php 168) is perfect to create shadows for that chiseled cheekbone look.

Note: It can come across as a tiny bit red for certain skin tones or really acidic people.

Where to get : Watson's and some department stores.

Manila Philippine Face Facial Mist Daiso Cheap Affordable Gift Guide for the Beauty Lover Enthusiast Makeup Artist Friend


Like I said, Daiso pretty much has you covered on the basics of basics and sometimes weird things (banana cases/houses anyone?) that you maybe sort of need (not really).

This particular facial mist I've only used (Php 88)  as a setting spray as it has alcohol and I try not to put alcohol-based products directly on my face. It works really well for that though because of said ingredient. But it's essentially skincare.

There you go. Shopping. CHECK. Budget. DOUBLE CHECK. I hope you like this post. Let me know what you think and if you have other suggestions under Php 200 let me know as well! :)

Happy Holidays!


PS. Not sponsored. Just in case you were wondering about all the links and mentions. I wish I was though. *cough**cough* meow.
PPS. Would you care to view some organic/natural products under Php 200 too?

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